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The reasons to be interested in the current state of Islam cannot be fully numerated. It is one of the world’s largest faith traditions. It is intersecting with other major faith traditions. We need to learn about our Muslim neighbors for all kinds of reasons. Dynamics of Muslim Worlds is a sometimes technical look at Islam around […]

via Book Review: “Dynamics of Muslim Worlds” — J.W. Wartick -“Always Have a Reason”

Poisoning the Airways

Poisoning the airways

Poisoning the minds

It’s accountability time

Man tells honest story

State goes into attack mode

The truth doesn’t matter

Damage limitation exercise

They search for anything

Hoping for the worst

They manufacture evidence

Hope to stop the outpouring

God appears in the Sky,

Sends storms and more,

They are listening now,

Poisoning the world,

Poison the child,

They’ll soon fill with hate.

Well God Most High isn’t impressed,

Truth serum global change outlook

All over the entire world,

This has been the status,

Control control control,

Well that plan is as they say,

All, over over over, amen.Image

world of survival

wisdom is slowly learned, and it’s often too late, here’s a few thoughts, 


Children are having children, they are subject to what any decent soul would assume is unforgivable, violent imagery televised daily, sexually themed stories, before they reach the age of five. It’s every where I hear you say, well, I don’t want to alarm you, but as Jesus himself, and all the other prophets, right up to this day, state, understanding without doing anything, is a recipe for disaster


inexperienced, you rely on the opinion of others, reminds me of the formed opinion, propaganda for short if it’s misleading, enlightening if it’s purely honest, half truth is about as useful as a bucket with a small hole in it, it’s still a bucket, you can fill it up, but nothing will remain

wisdom tells us, if we don’t change, we repeat the past, the Titanic comes to mind, and we are all aboard it seems,





Earth was controlled,

Dynasties used everyone,

Political or religious based,

Time is for them,

So says the Good Lord,

Heaven is a real location,

Ordinary folks blinded,

Reminded again and again,

This is your fate,

Dynasties fooled everyone,

Controlling and oppressing,

Made lives distressing,

Mothers anguishing,

Grabbing any chance,

Can’t blame them,

All is changing,

All is good,

Love is set free,

Hope is restless,

Tied up for ages,

Free to roam,

Pure Indian spirits,


manufacturing hate

The holy spirit is being poured out, going every where, witnessed by  miracles, proof of God Most High,  his majestic powers, for the glory of all, and peace on earth, the will of our creator, his way of lifting us up. A casual read of the newspapers, the last three years, provides accurate proof of this, the plane landings, the repeating numbers, turnaround storms, the numerous miracle events, sightings in the sky, it’s coming from the clouds, and best of all, the man in the sky, has returned, our heavenly creator, it’s real, we have the actual proof of all this. The unity of faith in God Most High, will be the final instalment of divine intention, religions of the east and west, will agree on a single prayer,  ignite love and breakdown prejudice everywhere.  Islam and Christianity are two versions of the same thing, worship of God Most High, even if political mentalities try to prove otherwise. The holy scriptures of religions will converge, all scripture comes from God Most High. They will amalgamate  the prophets of our times, as God Most High has been forming scripture in all sorts of fields, in song, words, art, and poetry. All for one and one for all, God does not stop helping, he’s working daily,  it’s our loss of trust in those who lead us, politicians mostly, the sexualisation of women and children, the creation of societies that value people according to  wealth status,  destroyed our faith, nothing else. There is no war between Islam and Christianity or Judaism,  been manufactured by the political classes and those intent on having power forever,ImageIgnite rejoice and pray with your heart, all this is happening, so says God Most High, and he never lies, amen.

Fearless Days

Troubled souls wander the streets,

going place to place where  all meet,

sit down and smile loafer  around,

addiction and contradiction aimless lives

be home in time for dinner,

the schedule says its gym time at eleven

meandering to laid out plans friends made,

unable to have an honest thought

afraid to start afraid to learn,

addiction is an emptiness for sure

don’t be put off your not on your own,

what the evil doers depend upon,

they want you to become alone

trapped in a cycle that is controllable

God Most High has been seen in the sky

we have the proof no need for fear,

this is the reason why,

young, tender, whatever,

you became addicted not by choice

by experience or emotion that was missing

time allowed  not given to you,

no time to dwell on your needs

 perhaps afraid to bring attention

perhaps you were forced to lie

put your faith in God Most High

love is his the reason we are here

 the other stuff work of the evil doers

say goodbye to the fear holding you


The harvest



Is there a good time or a bad time,

Does anyone want it in reality,

The souls waiting those in pain,

The countless hearts restrained,

The prayers of the faithful dead,

Or is it Babylon times again,


Would you prefer the earth to die,

Suffering to continue unabated why,

God has been seen in the sky,

The moon and sun seen together,

The many miraculous events globally,

All points in a very certain direction


Women young girls and many slaves,

The harvest can’t happen fast enough,

It’s a question of numbers unfortunately,

Not the bank account but the suffering,

And it’s tipping the world into despair,

was warned of many years ago


Action action act without worrying,

Appeal to the mercy of God instantly,

Start loving giving and stop blaming,

There is something for everyone,

Eleventh hour is not an hour late,

But you have to act in haste,




New b Attitudes

Sift through the mould in your mind, ready the hump, the new year is upon us, banish the hurt, banish the blues, unless you sing, lift your spirits high, raise your eyes to heaven, those stars are yours, all of them, they are smiling back at you, God Most High is looking on, have no fear, divine help is here to stay, you just have to believe it, and many great miracles these last few years, are testimony of his divine mercy, and love for us all, we children of the sun, everyone alive on the planet, have been given a chance to shine again, and love is the drug that you need to be on, and it’s working wonders everywhere, love is power for the heart, and as it thickens up, everything changes, and blossoms, the same way you water a plant that is thirsty, we have all been thirsty for love, and the lack of love, is the reason for so many mishaps, and this can be proven. Accidents happen, but nothing that God Most High decides upon, is accidental, the same way two pin drops created everyone of us, we have a chance to make good with God Most High, and love as they say, is the only intangible, despite what they say, no one has yet to buy it, you can’t hire it, you can only pass it on, make it your new years resolution, and perhaps God Most High, will give us time, to comeback from the abyss, we have been staring into so often lately, love up, and that means, the needs of others, and the impact you make in all that you do, it’s why we are born again, because we never get it right first time, amen.  If you have any doubts, check the image of the man in the sky, it’s real, not a photo shop exercise, or a spin doctors dream, besides, I have encountered the Holy Spirit, and you don’t mess around in those circles as they say, happy New Year. Image

Christmas- part three

God exists, and we are living in a time of Babylonian expectations, science has yet to accept this, even though, it has yet to create a new seed, it never produced a new one without using reference to an original creation. This can be proved, but we don’t have time for such petty differences. The picture of the man in the sky  should be a call for global change. Muslim, Christian, or whatever, we are all on this path, love is the foundation of all our lives, and God is Love. Hopefully by the time you get to the end of my rambling thoughts, you will want to improve the way you love, thus allowing for a better future for every single one of us. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got on, and rose above the bigotry that divides us, bigotry that is manufactured for us by the various spin doctors and propagandists throughout the universe, active daily. Imagine what would have happened in Germany in 1939 had the propaganda artists and munitions manufacturers not been able to influence public opinion, 50 million dead six years later. Lest you imagine that what I say is complete gibberish, pause a moment and imagine the secret groups actively planning war in the middle east and elsewhere and the consequences for the rest of us and the shady corporations who support them financially because money is their religion, not love. Recently, we have had a stay, where wise men and women, through meeting and discovery of each others situation, potentially avoided a nuclear war. We also have a list of miraculous events, weather changes, economic changes, social changes, and even, the appointment of a Pope from the most unlikely of places, and his own admittance of the skulduggery going on in supposedly Christian places.

There are many similar to him, in all of the other religions too, it’s not one being better than the other, and now, the image of the man in the sky, a direct reference to a happening, of the days of God Most High’s time for checking in on us, (it’s described in the bible). It’s never been a better time, to put into practice, our loving abilities, being the time of Advent, Christmas time, and explaining it, to all and sundry.

I was taken from a few death defying situations, became born again actually, witnessed the divine and miraculous, formed a good and hopefully, improving relationship, with God Most High, requested wisdom, got it, requested warnings, got it, requested real in your face proof, got it, and put it into writing, done it. Children, the world over, deserve so much more, that what we have provided for them, and our BABYLONIAN attitudes, are going to be given, a repeat performance, unless we turn this tide around. I have been visited by wise people and women, God sent, and am of the belief, that we came to the abyss, and managed to step back. The out pouring of Love, that is occurring in many places, this Advent season, needs to be repeated, from here on. The lives of your children depend upon it. Many evil individuals, and their coterie of supporters, are being demobilised by subtle means, through Heavenly interventions, God’s last actions I imagine, and I have imagined seriously well. It’s Christmas time, lets ensure we make it Christmas time every day, from here on, amen.





Climbing Mountains

Many ways to climb the holy mountain,

many hearts set out for that journey to the sky,

many hopes full of dreams,

too many beaten back but yet they try,

your not alone even when it isn’t good,

just push on and you’ll be surprised,

I’m on the trek everyday of my life,

but why does is matter,

it’s the reason we are alive to love,

the wholesome feeling that fills you’

with tears sometimes,sometimes sadness,

isn’t it great to be living rather than planning,

cause there is no escape no matter how hard you try,

surrounded by her jewels she’s more lonely than you or I,

so get with it sunshine and don’t forget to try,

I’ve seen the golden city and encountered much,

the company of wisdom mother nature and it’s unbelievable,

reminds me of the greatest love I’ve ever been filled with,

brings a tear to my eye ain’t i lucky,

and isn’t that good so says I,

God Most high is looking at us all,

believe me I’ve seen the man in the sky, amen. 

(image has been posted, take a look and weep! there are many more, amen)Image