Power Brokers

power brokers movers and shakers,

money bags full total fakers,

buying the talented children,

upsetting natures balanced well,

causing disharmony and upheaval,

looking after themselves,

God Most High Angry,

repulsed and acting widely,

babbling fools the outcome

for destroyers of young,

the fate that awaits,

who undermined the young,

you have a voice, use it,

wisdom use it wisely,

same for talents given,Image


Mother World

Mothers of the world, rejoice, it’s been heard in the heavens, and the change in the status of love, is yours, days of control are over, God Most High has heard it all, and he’s been seen in the clouds, just a warning to all those who sexualise motherhood, wherever they are, or whoever they are, the loss of love, the pressure on nurture, the super human efforts of mother’s everywhere, has been the greatest love shown, apart from the others, who stood up and tried to be men, the cries have been heard, the tears in the hearts have awoken the great spirit, and changes are going on everywhere, so don’t over react when you don’t get what you want, it’s been character forming, and it’s not lost on the one whose love is the greatest of all, the children lost will be found again, and your heart call has been heard all over. From the days his son was sent to the cross, the vision of the weeping few, all mothers, and a few others, is a sentiment, an eternal flame that has never gone out, praise God Most High, amen.

Mother Nature

Mother’s nature is mothers nature, a mothers nurture everlasting, from the cradle to the grave, mother is always there, and we wonder who mother nature is, it’s the nature of love, and the way mother’s are treated sometimes, controlled and sexualised almost everywhere, you wonder why we worry about mother’s nature or mother nature, it’s that simple, God Most High is wisdom personified, no flaws no over reaction, the patience the goes on forever almost, till the seeds mother nature are left with, don’t produce the love we need to survive, so what are you going to do about it, since we have turned it into a lottery, a game of chance, what was divine selection we turned into a joke, well, the man in the Sky, check it out again, assumes otherwise, and being God, he always lets us understand the predicament we are in, so let’s put mothers nature top of the three again, put a smile on the face of love, let mother nature shine again, well you can’t be measuring her by the size of whatever your looking at, it’s not her heart your seating, but the other impulse you have, don’t need to go into detail, but everyone understands the consequence here, and God Most High is on his game again, as the picture in the Sky says, amen.  Image