Power of the Imagination

Words, she reads the page, feels her skin at the back of her neck curl, scary, she can imagine it, the atmosphere and the experience, it feels so real. The Power of Miracles, they came, they heard, they saw it themselves, from God he said, The Great One. It must be demons, their first reaction, as if they were afraid of them, they were afraid of him, he could read their thoughts, why the surprise he said, can’t a bird just lift up and fly, see how a butterfly transforms itself, you don’t assume it was an accident, do you?

Their first thoughts; the demon had caused the miraculous, who else had the power. Their own words, pointed to a conflicting force, he was of the light. Imagine it, the dulling of belief, then the resurrection of the Spirit, when they saw it for themselves, food for thought. Imagine, their consciences, their sleepless nights, as they straddled over all the harm they caused, enlightening.

Solomon, was recalling, the episode, when the Pharisee’s challenged Jesus, as to where he got the power to do what he did; It’s simple, when God resides in you, amen.

The Standing Rock

Making a stand, at standing rock, sounds appropriate, the Sioux Tribes home stand, they stole their land, they mined their resources, forced them into pockets, and now they want the water, well, don’t you think they had enough. The fracking world is going crazy, pumping poison into the earth, trying to soak up whatever mineral is left, while stealing from those who believe in the sacred, what can’t be produced by man, the spiritual feeling. Another dose of cash, cover up the cracks, spin a few good tales, put a value on it, wrap the number around a stock, then lobby, who is in your pocket, it’s certainly not the Sioux, who are making a stand at standing rock. What is plentiful is deemed valuable, what is priceless can’t be sold, neither can it be bought, can’t be traded, can be seriously damaged. Solomon wondered, did they realize that Mother Earth just might live among them.  He’d seen storms turn around, there is a God up there, one day they’d figure it out, amen.

Thanking God

Thank God for the love that grows,

Thank him for the love he sows,

Every day in fact Thank God,

The birds the trees the fresh air we breathe

Thank him ever day for the gift of life

Thank him and only him do not deceive

Our universe our planet our lifetime

None of it belongs to us it’s just a lease

One day we’ll have to hand it back

Put effort into it and do not lack

And watch the love  grow and grow

Stand up for truth even if it hurts 

Childbirth is painful but the outcome is life

Treasure your children rear them with insight

Don’t corrupt their young minds

Don’t fill them with hatred and resentment

It’s a burden that you don’t need to fill 

Thank God and let them understand

 without him their life will mean nothing

To God the glory and our gratitude all the time,

imagine it a world without love,

purely meaningless,



 Christmas humbug some say, commerce, business, too much, it’s not about what you do, it’s not about you, it’s a gift for children, that’s the reality, not a pagan festival, not an adult party, it’s children who are supposed to benefit, and love is the main beneficiary, and when we buy gifts for others, big children, we add to the joy, we give love a life, mother’s a rest, basically it’s love on steroids time, and it’s God Given, not a religious gift, not a conquest, not a local authority, not anything human, it’s divinely inspired, to recreate the love of the creator on earth, thereby, weakening the impact of evil, the dark energy spirit menace that threatens everyone’s existence. Imagine a world where children are put first, and Christmas is that time of the year, amen. It’s a time of less of the self and more of others, basically it’s the growth time for love.

Words unite peo…


Words unite people the way love unites the hearts , words also create differences that never existed,

hatred has been spread, by those unwilling to love, caused divisions everywhere where the people live, perhaps it’s time to work on what we have in common, which is our need for love, as sure as day, love is the only intangible source of energy there is, and it lives forever