New b Attitudes

Sift through the mould in your mind, ready the hump, the new year is upon us, banish the hurt, banish the blues, unless you sing, lift your spirits high, raise your eyes to heaven, those stars are yours, all of them, they are smiling back at you, God Most High is looking on, have no fear, divine help is here to stay, you just have to believe it, and many great miracles these last few years, are testimony of his divine mercy, and love for us all, we children of the sun, everyone alive on the planet, have been given a chance to shine again, and love is the drug that you need to be on, and it’s working wonders everywhere, love is power for the heart, and as it thickens up, everything changes, and blossoms, the same way you water a plant that is thirsty, we have all been thirsty for love, and the lack of love, is the reason for so many mishaps, and this can be proven. Accidents happen, but nothing that God Most High decides upon, is accidental, the same way two pin drops created everyone of us, we have a chance to make good with God Most High, and love as they say, is the only intangible, despite what they say, no one has yet to buy it, you can’t hire it, you can only pass it on, make it your new years resolution, and perhaps God Most High, will give us time, to comeback from the abyss, we have been staring into so often lately, love up, and that means, the needs of others, and the impact you make in all that you do, it’s why we are born again, because we never get it right first time, amen.  If you have any doubts, check the image of the man in the sky, it’s real, not a photo shop exercise, or a spin doctors dream, besides, I have encountered the Holy Spirit, and you don’t mess around in those circles as they say, happy New Year. Image

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