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The masquerade

Happiness easy as forgiveness, hard to practice, hard when your angry, but benefits the everlasting, Solomon was pointing out clarity, and it could not have been better timed, events changes signs everywhere, the Pope included, the needs greatest in the unlikeliest of places, the hearts of the elites, reports pointed to the mountain, the mountain in the hearts of many, that needed removing everywhere. The trail of wisdom was becoming clear, there was only one outcome, reform. The Spirit of God Most High spoke to the world through all the wisdom available.. the messengers, the prophets, many had been drowned out, ridiculed or murdered, but the message carried on.

The great events and signs, the tribulations and wonders, was a warning sign from a ship in distress. Those that heard it and reacted, the lucky ones. Solomon wanted to frame it into words, and pour it out. It wasn’t difficult, now that the global communications system was in place, it was just a case of promoting. Alarm bells had gone off in many hearts, uplifting alarms. More was needed, he’d ask wisdom to assist, she never let him down. He blamed himself, not that he blamed himself, it was just that he missed things, hoped it would be simpler. Living mightn’t always be easy, but it was never dull.

A break from it all, wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t necessary, he got inspired when he put his heart into it. it was adrenaline for his spirit, and the other spirits too, as it allowed for love to flow. He’d tire physically, then suddenly find energy. It was the heart over powering the mind, by passing angst, and all those things stored in the mind. He’d proved it a hundred times, the heart and the love in there, was a source of life that outlived everything else. Keep the mind out of it, and put the heart into it, and you will not fail. Those things of the world depressed and distressed the heart and the function of it, ability to love. Those that carried out those plots to distress love were doing themselves no favors at all. When Jesus spoke the words all those years ago,

He pointed out, in no uncertain terms, the One Divine Father, the One True God, and mentioned regularly, the reality of demon spirits, and how they masquerade as Good and as God. The prophets even wrote it down.

For all the cult organisations out there, none of them solved any of the big issues facing the people, they seemed to be into saving themselves, very un Samaritan of them.

In a nutshell, forgiveness and love answered every prayer and every need too. Those with blame in their heads, once they forgave, demons had no place to live. Happiness, just a case of practicingIMG_5757 what was right and forgiving. Amen. Those that were into control of others, well, they were unable to forgive, and that’s why they controlled. Imagine, seeking the worst, how depressing is that, amen, you’d never had a day of peace in your life if you thought that way, you certainly distanced yourself from love.

Great Drama

Never late always in time,

heart sighs she worries inside,

what could be the reason for the great delay,

it’s been five minutes

and she’s five minutes early,

the excitement of love

and the panic it creates,

then again,

are we not all part of a great drama when we love,



Addiction Living

Hide avoid busy up lots of hobbies, is this you don’t worry, your addicted as so many are, busy tied up cramped incapacitated, visit the doctor need check up, insurance needs a boost, unsure about the children’s education, perhaps you can afford a face lift, everyone talking about latest idol, better do homework find out, can’t afford to be left out, socially unacceptable to go against grain, fall into line perfectly manicured, can’t go outside without make up on, conditioned or not no argument, one day you’ll wake up, wondering where the years have gone, just doing it for the children, a good excuse for everyone, roll on role changes with time, you wonder how you became addicted, isn’t everyone, 15% to 20% on prescription medication, the mind bending variety, twenty per cent of young children facing obesity, half the world eats very little at all, if your addicted your not alone, if you want to change it, there is an answer to it, it’s called God, once you believe fully, he’ll send helpers along, check image in the sky, it’s real undeniable, I have a set of five or more, unaltered and free to view, the way love is supposed to be. Addiction happens when love gets trapped, let it go, Imagesee it grow, you’ll be happily surprised, amen!.

The Wheel of Divine Fortune

 wheel of life turns,

sometimes slowly,

waiting niggles you,

 tired emotionally

not that your alone,

 entire world is waiting,

Image for

The good news,

return of  good,

 end of corrupt practices,

deceit of the few,

resolution of spiritual fight

those Who choose,

the wide path,

that has lead,

 world into trouble,

those who Held the line

 took the narrow path

, both sides have  temptations,

 Want  situation to worsen

hoping to confuse God ,

 both sides deal  and divide

diving and ducking,

causing chaos throwing

accusations  counter claims

this has been the  world

 too many decades and years

 sides  interested in  power,

the Comfy seats of both sides elite

deciding who wins loses or dies

well, God Most High, is most aware,

this travesty of hope,

heavenly inheritance thrashed

where trust is Love,

savagely tarnished, unrecognizable

 treatment of women purely sexually

 rearing of children without thought

 the environment around them

 a forecasters nightmare ,

rejoice it’s been all thwarted,

Blessings Pouring out,

wheel has turned good,

and about time,


Image To, those who lost hope, those that tried hardest, those that were

Innocently led astray, don’t give up, God Most High has been seen in the sky,

And justice and miracles are being poured out worldwide, as a gift and a warning,

The last chance saloon, and they said it would never happen, that’s what losers


New b Attitudes

Sift through the mould in your mind, ready the hump, the new year is upon us, banish the hurt, banish the blues, unless you sing, lift your spirits high, raise your eyes to heaven, those stars are yours, all of them, they are smiling back at you, God Most High is looking on, have no fear, divine help is here to stay, you just have to believe it, and many great miracles these last few years, are testimony of his divine mercy, and love for us all, we children of the sun, everyone alive on the planet, have been given a chance to shine again, and love is the drug that you need to be on, and it’s working wonders everywhere, love is power for the heart, and as it thickens up, everything changes, and blossoms, the same way you water a plant that is thirsty, we have all been thirsty for love, and the lack of love, is the reason for so many mishaps, and this can be proven. Accidents happen, but nothing that God Most High decides upon, is accidental, the same way two pin drops created everyone of us, we have a chance to make good with God Most High, and love as they say, is the only intangible, despite what they say, no one has yet to buy it, you can’t hire it, you can only pass it on, make it your new years resolution, and perhaps God Most High, will give us time, to comeback from the abyss, we have been staring into so often lately, love up, and that means, the needs of others, and the impact you make in all that you do, it’s why we are born again, because we never get it right first time, amen.  If you have any doubts, check the image of the man in the sky, it’s real, not a photo shop exercise, or a spin doctors dream, besides, I have encountered the Holy Spirit, and you don’t mess around in those circles as they say, happy New Year. Image

Our Teachers

Our Teachers


Do one thing for God each day and he’ll remember you, this I am certain of, I’ve seen so many great happenings, all based on the theory of love and giving, it’s the story of the widow in the bible, she gave a small amount, but it was important to her, Jesus you recall told the story, I don’t assume, but he only used stories filled with wisdom to educate not to persecute, it wasn’t a rule thing, you could interpret it as you saw fit, and there was no such thing as a specific religious practice, the point being, if you gave with the heart you were giving to his Father, how simple is that, too simple, or as some would say, that’s too simple Mr Bee, as if our lives depended on the welfare of a humble bumble Bee, what’s a flower anyway. But going to church to stand up for your faith is no bad thing, it isImage faith giving to others, it’s similar to those great movies, specially the Clint Eastwood ones, a parable in everyone, haven’t we been blessed from the most amazing of sources, the inspiration given to so many, from the great song writers as well, the new saints, prophets, teachers,  as I call them, now that’s what God Most High would call friends, amen.