get him off the scent,

peace is doing harm,

can’t sell those arms,

sales down everywhere,

when’s the last good war,

damn it he’s meddling,

get rid of that love,






IMG_5757they all flowed,

from the decisions,

of a select force,

wonder about it,

the man in the sky,

marking them all,



Egypt is on the floor

After The War

After The War

my problem your problem their problem a media problem a solution,

nelson walks free south Africa strolls into a repeating nightmare,

we’ll have an inquiry we’ll invite foreign correspondents over there

they stayed for months the reports were looking very good,

finally a smile we got the  funds okay we  smiled they flew away.


now it’s spread the fear has been exported to other shores,

Egypt Syria we’ll invite them all to settle old scores,

 for months the reports are good we all looked around,

heard it all before the stammers and the foreign correspondents,

but they flew away in comfy jets we smiled again that day


the gaza strip is not a sex club it’s  a damned place yet,

the world looks on the correspondents wonder what’s going on,

camera’s roll bodies take their toll children blood spattered fall,

no one looks at the way they run as the bombs keep falling

no money there but practice everywhere all that is wrong

so Egypt is on the floor and war beckons silence everywhere!


so where are all the men  the wise and the old,

apartheid gone the passion forgotten cause it left our land,

nelson where are you did you  hear the terrifying screams,

don’ they remember the day you left that prison over there,

too much said too little done people are numbers bombs won

Che, Bradley, Edward Snowden and Jesus

Whatever you think, call him communist, call him revolutionary, call him traitor, the one who tried to change it all, and his life ended prematurely, on account of the C.I.A., government and human corruption, now the world has to bear it, account for what  happens, and many like them, from Jesus, to joan of arc, to the Muslim nations demonized, the 222 cathars butchered, the death of martin luther king, and so many others. And you wonder why the world is in such a chaotic mess.  treatment dished out to Muhammad Ali, the attempts to destroy Cuba, the mocking of Cat Stevens, the list is long if I was to go on, it’s time we tried to address it, Edward snowden will suffer for it, the stuff that we pretend never happened. What made Che think the way he did, why he bothered you ask, did he work on a leper colony for fun, did he see too much suffering, abuse of  women and children, theft of local resources across the Americas, while the righteous citizens with out standing reputations did naught, includes the catholic church in those parts. A medical career his original plan, a journey changed all of that. Edward Snowden had a change of plan too, on account of what happened before him, he kept all plans tight, Che was outspoken, took sides early never imagined he’d be betrayed, there is a judas everywhere I warn you, even the apostles had enemies within, it’s why we need to open up, tell a few truths before it’s too late, it’s too easy to blame one man, when you know it’s the world that has failed, not the truthful and honest man. And you rear children to be honest and truthful, are they supposed to be safe in this current environment, I don’t think so.

How many times do you need to hear, the words child protection policy, before you realize this is a pandemic, everywhere perhaps you prefer being stupid. I don’t have that luxury, I’ve seen the changes, the clouds, broke a world that was kept to the few, broke the mind control methods they use against you, and reported them in detail to God, who wont be swayed so easily again, not by emotion by deed only, As I said to friends who escaped emergencies, you want to stay around or stay sound, better come up with a plan that is good for everyone, not just you. Edward Snowden had a plan to let us know what really was going on, Che Guevara had a plan to change what was going on, Jesus had a plan to let us know there was a plan, and all that loved honestly were part of it.