Cry of the Decievers

Demon spirit desperate fearful,

Holy Warriors thriving joyful,

attempts to defeat them futile,

signs written in the sky,

to strengthen and re assure them

gestures made to steal them,

olives dropped to bribe them,

attempts made to conceal them,

can’t be happening,

we used to control everything,

it’s getting worse,

they face the wrath of the Great Lord

every time they refuse to cease

the more trouble they harvest,

wisdom is overcoming the odds,

hopeless no longer powerless,

Great God of Heaven smiles,

spirit souls action minded,

sacred heart is beating again

in the lives of many believers,

thought we had it all fixed,

the cries of the deceivers,

no need to fear the evil one,

his type heading to the abyss,

where torment will be permanent,

a slow train coming,

has arrived at last,


if words created the world, words would also end the torment of manyIMG_5755, so Solomon believed,

once written

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