Neil Young

Stop I’m five years old and your allowing them to destroy my mind,

What’s going on here am I blind or is there something strange around,

Violence aplenty sexuality everywhere what are you doing to me,

I thought ye all cared about children but it’s just words see it my way,

Blind stupid I’m the Kid on lease and your treating me  if I was meat,

Time to change your ways I’m telling my God about what’s going on

You all pass the buck and them pass it on to someone else to allay,

Not good enough this attitude of all of you I’m praying hard today,

What are  those talented people doing to protect my young mind,

Seems they are all doing nothing that’s as real as it sounds,

The war I’m involved in  the big folks doing nothing to lend a hand,

 how else am I supposed to see it when all those images endorse it,

Neil young when are you going to arrange a song that moves them,


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