Mr Dylan

Bob dylan what you doing I’m young one and under attack,

You sang about war worry love what about the very young,

Talk is cheap and record sales matter what about the heart,

Young and tender under pressure and no one standing up,

We thought you had guts and would do something with talent,

Have you forgot where you came from have you had enough,

Come on Mr Dylan get the lyric sheet out and talk about it,

The battle for the soul is the last war on earth worth winning,

And the young ones are in the firing line and very exposed,

Just one voice is all we need to hear how about you and young,

It’s be a great combination and well worth the effort involved,

More important than anything else you have ever done, Imagechildren to care for,

Well add my voice to your chorus and sing with Mr Young,

Be the voice that cries stop  to this war been waged on the young.

Neil Young

Stop I’m five years old and your allowing them to destroy my mind,

What’s going on here am I blind or is there something strange around,

Violence aplenty sexuality everywhere what are you doing to me,

I thought ye all cared about children but it’s just words see it my way,

Blind stupid I’m the Kid on lease and your treating me  if I was meat,

Time to change your ways I’m telling my God about what’s going on

You all pass the buck and them pass it on to someone else to allay,

Not good enough this attitude of all of you I’m praying hard today,

What are  those talented people doing to protect my young mind,

Seems they are all doing nothing that’s as real as it sounds,

The war I’m involved in  the big folks doing nothing to lend a hand,

 how else am I supposed to see it when all those images endorse it,

Neil young when are you going to arrange a song that moves them,


Angels Within

small child, opened eyed, encounters new media world, shock…

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Do we all not begin our lives as angels
innocent and pure,

With unruffled wings and glistening halos
no problems to endure?

And as we grow and take our steps
some missed with tumbles that bruise,
The paths we take and steps we walk
are all the ones we choose,

Though our feathers may be molted
and halos bent and dull,

A bit of that angel still remains
and is found within us all

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War against the Young

Modern day child loosing his smile

 wont be long before he’s old and gone,

reason I write not for  applause or celebration,

have heard the warnings it curls my toes and feet,

unable to speak freely communicate or confide,

modern day child is being slaughtered in the mind

afraid to open up often he just hides,

constant attack on his tender mind,

ignorant ravings of a world gone wild,

tragedy  should be avoided at all costs,

we create new bodies hoping they will work,

 nothing  being done to arrest this situation

nothing to halt the saturation of the young,

the savage assault on the young and vulnerable

in truth another way of controlling them,

this  theatre of  war an  anthem that is sung,

in so many voices across the globe,

ban the gun they say and war will end ,

what about the war for the young,

and war waged inside their heads,

Do something god damn it do something,

rapid and fast this global madness,

a condition that simply cant last,

God of Heaven and Earth mother nature,

and the saints are up in arms against it as well,

in this war being waged for souls of the  young,

and the death of all innocence on earth,

don’t believe those constant lies,

the spin doctors roll out of so many lies,

the future depends on the senses within,

and the heart that still burns inside everyone,



woman cries stop,

man has a little too much,

man persists gets his way,

child next door wakes,

memories that wont fade,

outcome is bad for all,

God Most High says so,

know the reason why,

children the future seeds,

how are they,

mind being numbed.

emotionally undermined,

evil on the run,

abyss open is opened,

plenty of room,

more moving in,

what will be done,

to change experiences,