Emeute, Civilizations and Victor Hugo….

You can have petty arguments that blow up into full scale revolutions, the harm you think your putting an end to, only to realize later the bigger hole you have built for yourself, thereby the merry go round of harm spins faster, the eye for an eye mentality that so many hold so dear, ends up destroying happiness and causing even more harm everywhere, the very goal you had when your started your emeute, as Victor Hugo would say, an end to it. Retaliate, how we hear those words, we have to avenge ourselves, we have to get even, we will lose face, how many wars were started with that mindset, nations and tribes emotionalized to the point of frenzy, while the voices of reason were drowned out.

Solomon sighed, it was refreshing to hear the comparative remarks of Donald Trump, who decided not to avenge the so called hurt caused in the Arabian Gulf, be it a blip, be it a bonfire started by a child, two tribes didn’t go to war, and reason was used, when the expected response didn’t occur. Emeute, struggles that can be solved without blood shed, you just have to listen.

Solomon was reading the literary classic of Victor Hugo, pages of rhythm, written 150 years ago, explaining how the world had to learn from it’s past. Many years later, after so many social changes, the core of the book, still holds. Hugo, Thanks for making the effort, amen. Having encountered the Spirit, Solomon had his own reasons for listening; we are under the Holy Radar, what a great feeling, amen.


Closed Minds

She’s a witch, burn her, the ideas that fill the mind with dread, bad thoughts and the ugliest of thoughts, where do they come from, are we sidled with them, or is it the way the ideas are drummed into the minds of some, and then leak out. She has to have a motive, why is she with him, he’s into men, the stuff they do, can you imagine it, ugly, he likes her, she deserved it, the closed minds and those that pass this ugliness on, who are they.

Solomon was in the company of a lost soul, searching for acceptance, what, who will listen, a voice that hears and does not turn away. The pre conditioned mind, full of the bias, separates and divides, making a damn good living, these di

visionists, does it remind you of a politician, grabbing whatever attention they can, regardless of the affect their words have on anyone, young old middle aged rich poor or normal.

Love had been straddled with notions of performance, well, do you know what those type do, they are only interested in sex, the mirror was looking particularly rusty this morning, Solomon wondered why there was so much bias, till he thought of those women, deemed to be witches, and then burned at the stake by those closed minds, amen.

Rules of Love

six years old grow up so she is told,

12 years old acting the parts of her idols,

eighteen with a boyfriend she fears and dreads,

not the plan she had when she sought love,

does anyone hear me her prayers are loud,

horror of wars  all the blood that flows and flows,

but no one to give her the time to find love,

bombs get more attention than broken hearts,

vulnerable young and totally used so what,

the system baby it’s the way of the world so,

great introduction to the world of love and Joy

well cheer up dear God Most High hears it all,

and the rules of love are changing everywhere,

man meets her he’s a little more educated and cold,

she’s still vulnerable  it’s her look  he knows her mind,

i’ll take care of you baby your fine with me,

she begins to feel good even secure for awhile

not too long before she’s working for him,

he fills her emotional needs so she feels,

beats her when he feel like it robs her and steals,

she deserves it so she feels it’s the price of love,

and why do men and women treat love this way,

answers we dont want to hear because….

it’s the question no one ever seems  to ask,Image


(so many travel the world and tap into the hearts of others with nothing but malice in mind, their goal being, the control of the heart within and sowing hatred, evil spirit dressed as Love, well, God Most High has marked them all, amen)