Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of love, it’s a variety, the beat of the heart, sweet noise of a bird, the chuckle of a little child, the wisdom of God, the many ways to love, not one particular way, but the choices from nature,  the same for you and me, open your heart and fill, you’ll never own the beat, it will be in you, small children get it immediately, watch them listen sometime, you will be amazed, the child cries mother comes, she lifts the little one, suddenly she starts to smile, are you all right, baby understands that look, it’s called falling for love, it happens to everyone, sometimes we close the heart, push the love we need away, might have been a bad experience,  might have been your first incursion, don’t fret your not expected to win first time, with wisdom and patience you figure it out, just happens that today there is pressure on love, the burden of expectations,  just step back a little and wait, love is never rushed when right, amen, and don’t fall in love to escape the family beat, don’t fall in love to hide  sexually, many have  it ends in tragedy, find the rhythm in your heart, listen to the music and fly, amen.


Rules of Love

six years old grow up so she is told,

12 years old acting the parts of her idols,

eighteen with a boyfriend she fears and dreads,

not the plan she had when she sought love,

does anyone hear me her prayers are loud,

horror of wars  all the blood that flows and flows,

but no one to give her the time to find love,

bombs get more attention than broken hearts,

vulnerable young and totally used so what,

the system baby it’s the way of the world so,

great introduction to the world of love and Joy

well cheer up dear God Most High hears it all,

and the rules of love are changing everywhere,

man meets her he’s a little more educated and cold,

she’s still vulnerable  it’s her look  he knows her mind,

i’ll take care of you baby your fine with me,

she begins to feel good even secure for awhile

not too long before she’s working for him,

he fills her emotional needs so she feels,

beats her when he feel like it robs her and steals,

she deserves it so she feels it’s the price of love,

and why do men and women treat love this way,

answers we dont want to hear because….

it’s the question no one ever seems  to ask,Image


(so many travel the world and tap into the hearts of others with nothing but malice in mind, their goal being, the control of the heart within and sowing hatred, evil spirit dressed as Love, well, God Most High has marked them all, amen)