Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be like-minded one toward another, according to Christ Jesus. [Rom 15:5 WEB] Let patience have her perfect work. [Jas 1:4 WEB] ~~~~~~ Make me patient, kind, and gentle, Day by day; Teach me how to live more nearly As I pray. ~ SHARPE’S MAGAZINE ~ […]

via Strength For Daily Needs — Three Iron Nails

Mr Dylan

Bob dylan what you doing I’m young one and under attack,

You sang about war worry love what about the very young,

Talk is cheap and record sales matter what about the heart,

Young and tender under pressure and no one standing up,

We thought you had guts and would do something with talent,

Have you forgot where you came from have you had enough,

Come on Mr Dylan get the lyric sheet out and talk about it,

The battle for the soul is the last war on earth worth winning,

And the young ones are in the firing line and very exposed,

Just one voice is all we need to hear how about you and young,

It’s be a great combination and well worth the effort involved,

More important than anything else you have ever done, Imagechildren to care for,

Well add my voice to your chorus and sing with Mr Young,

Be the voice that cries stop  to this war been waged on the young.

Addict Minded

Not fare it’s not fare,

target the vulnerable everywhere,

whatever your fear,

right in front of you,

constantly being reminded,

friends around you,

TV nightly,

your head a sponge,

feelings of all types,

crammed into tiny space,

no escape in sight,

drugs alcohol or addiction,

what one you choose,

child seven years old,

hasn’t the choice,

first escapes does it right,

forgets and smiles,

puts memory asleep,

dreams a little while,

stuff is really great,

gets his own dealer,

can solve my problems,

can’t relate emotionally,

girl trapped in cell,

men call she can’t yell,

lies there numb inside,

hears cars passing by,

horns and street sounds below,

she waits in hell,

nothing done tell me why,

tell me why, forty years later,

story has got worse,

we were once stupid,

we can’t plead ignorance any more,

why do we, why do we,

constantly target the vulnerable and poor

God Most High

 spotted in the sky,

dont like it either

demanding answers

 tell me why, tell me why,

and Imagewe wonder where addiction comes from !