The New Field

There was talk, the women huddle, the expression on their faces, he is at it again, the stress on their faces, was it a warning, the prophet asks, the peace at this time of year and all year round too, freedom from fear at home, it was a never ending request, why did some of us have to put up with it, when would it end, this anger, the rage, where does it come from they ask. Solomon sighs, they are talking about it, that’s news, that’s help, the voices listen to the anxious, it’s that time, and the witness to the gospels are right, it’s real, there is help, be calm the voices say.

Solomon was trying to explain the new meaning, or the “re understanding” of the old words, not in their meaning, but in their application. The argument, was an old one, what was it we had to do, to gain the approval from on high, or steps leading to that way of thinking. It was a fair question, how would you put it, it began with the spirit. It’s like the parable told of the pharisee’s, and their application of the rules, the double speak, that left you confused, on account of their private ways, it was not that we get it wrong, it’s that we continue to mislead, and that applies to the home feeling, the wellness of home, it’s where it all begins, home.

They wondered, how big is home, in short, the new pharisee was themselves, and how they lived their faith, was their actions, in short, time for the new field to show some green, amen.


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