The Queen’s Table

The svelte surroundings, the guests, a servant to attend to each, the entertainment begins, the playwright, a confidante of the queen, her privilege, her husband away somewhere, another country to invade, well, in her private world, she puts on the show, the play, living entertainment for her friends, and her rebellious spirit, that she hides.

They laugh and blush, the chuckles of laughter, they respond to the entertainment, images of themselves in truth. Imitation sighed Solomon, one nation says this, there is going to be this, the others usually think, how will it affect us, the sands have shifted though, though it’s not bad news, the usual influence that one had, has shifted in time, the lessons you were handing out, you never practiced them yourselves, can’t you see what has been happening, or are you living in the past.

The covenant between God and His people, the different times, the relationship breaks down, the prophets tell us this story, then time and humanity repairs the situation, and so we get another chance to fix things, while the blessings return. Maybe you lose your influence, when you refuse to take on board the higher teaching, and same way, nations lose their privileged position, when they go beyond the norm in order to impose their opinions, amen.

A friend comes up to the prophet, something askew the pupil asks. The cursory shake of the head, not at all he replies, just mussing over the way we think about ourselves, nothing more.


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