The Strings of Faith

Where does it come from, how does it arrive, is there a code I can use, what makes it that way, why is faith faith, why do we call it that, can you catch it easily, what work is involved, how many strings do I need to make a sound, why did the pickers pick, what was the other strings doing, paying the rent somewhere. Where who why when, how do you catch it.

The memory, where to start, the motives of people, their choice, the higher goals, their choice, what about faith, do they make plans for it, the unexpected. A man turns his life around, goes from doing harm to doing good, brings about the forgiveness of many ill deeds, the simple step, the turn around. We all have the moment, the paper and the preacher who turned from crime to giving, the story of the friend he recalled, trouble no, the journey of deeds, her deeds, how they awakened the soul of many, and the long trail of hope that was laid.

The 19th friend, the example to others, the amount of times, thinking of others, the downfall of herself, but not the downfall of the soul, those times, the efforts to be kind and non judgmental was an inspiration at times as much as it was perplexing, trouble, it was like water on the dry soil, you ignored it, and tried to block others doing harm, what a lesson you left, thinking of others, yes we all need an outstretched arm, that’s the feeling of support, how you are recalled, my 19th friend.

Solomon recalled the old lady who gave the two bits, a widow in biblical times, Solomon assumed aged too, to think that her effort is recalled, no deed forgotten, how it reminds us to give, amen.



Talk of Heaven, the virus, the new era, the gop, is it turning into a cult, brand trump, what when it goes wrong, deceived perhaps, is your time being diverted, your point of interest that of a sniper with too many targets and not enough time, what, your job at risk, better focus on that, not forgetting coupling, and the huge number of arrangements that can mean,same as the promise of a newbe politician, how long will he remain green, then he bends, fits the picture, the innocent becomes a master of cunning, uses the errors of others to hide his own mistakes, meanwhile,at the back of the mind, these signs and revelations, even the conspiracy theory experts can’t figure it out, pointing to what Saint Paul said before he became saint paul, in order to discredit him, even though chosen, amen.

And if you have a real concern, color, gender, the second hand citizenship of so many women, well men don’t have the threat of sexual violence hanging over their heads, things change they say, even the prophets mentioned times as confusing as these, and as equally testing,both physically and spiritually, has your attention being cornered by issues that will soon pass away, while a greater war is raging, right in front of your face,did you see that,golly can I afford to buy in a shop like that, the money,the cost, the credit card limit,the other bills, the big sigh, at least I have a job, say nothing while the check flows in, well, leave it, life is difficult enough,then the news, your people under threat, the sudden infusion of another energy, thinking of others,less greed, more of the higher spirit,is this what you are being diverted from, while all the other stuff is half junk half truth,a smokescreen to help the entire environment, perhaps. Does your soul matter to you?, it belongs to the talent giver, and like all investments, same as the vineyard, He expects a return. Could say she too, call it what you like, lets argue over the meaning, lets act like a zealot bigot, focused on the exact word, and not the true meaning. So for precautions, do you want your head controlled by the crisis created by others, or will you hold firm inside, and learn to discern instead.

Solomon read the emotional weather, mixed with thoughts cast wide, he wondered how anyone found inside time, other than in the context of pleasure,amen.Men women children, they all played games of an emotional type, with all those combinations of arrangements, add in 100 electronic communications, a dose of daily TV, and whatever else, shopping trips,

In order to hang onto the inner self and not become the prisoner or victim of a cult, one had to have a way, to remove oneself from the moment; Eureka,that’s why they call it meditation, break out the champagne James, amen.

When the lights are dimmed within…

Open your eyes, where are the eyes fixed, what do you think, do you become all self conscious, do you suddenly look inside when you are supposed to be looking out, why are tyrants so bad, it’s the light they extinguish. They leave everyone in the dark.

I run down the stairs, imagine, you are of one purpose, friends. When you see the light return to the impish eyes, you know something good is going on, you can sense it. On the street, children are naturally brash when they have no one to fear. Brazen some call it, they don’t distinguish between boys and girls, and when they blush, it’s over something simple, yet beautiful.

Then gripped by fear, they become pensive, young worriers, they protest, I’m not putting up with this, their attitude.

Why worry about dimming the Heart, that’s life. So was paradise once, and the signs above, which no human force can alter, is telling all, you better put a light back, from where it’s been stolen, the prophecies of old are coming through, and many have seen it, and they are thinking, it’s a new world that’s happening. As Jesus warned all, it’s not recommended to put the lights out, particularly,when it turns children away from God. And to rub lots salt into the mixture, you have to be as children in order to enter the Kingdom of God,amen.

Jesus was tempted Regularly…

And so he warned his followers, there will be tempting and teasing, as there is every day, what are you missing, see what you lost, you could have had an easier life, you could have been this, what did you do with your life, this was the regular taunting of God’s people, and has been, come on, you can have it easy, look, there are no worries over here, we can fix everything, Jesus even warned and reminded the followers, the demon who thinks he has charge of the world, has no power over me He said, but don’t you worry, I will send the Holy Spirit, and that Help, will get you over the line, just don’t panic, amen.

Solomon had a dream or was sent a dream, he traveled a life of another, while there was another soul, hell bent on destroying the life he was viewing, competing almost, anyway, during the dream he told the visitor, Don’t you Believe in the Almighty God, and the visitor disappeared, amen. In a nutshell, hold firm thought Solomon, you faith will be challenged regularly, and you will get tested, and same as the virus, you will have to take precautions to preserve that Faith, the space you reserve for God inside you to dwell.

New Light

The eyes glow, there is movement inside, there is wonder, there is hope, there is light. The power of words in the heart, the nuggets we hang to, same as the story of Christmas, the signs, the wonder in the young eyes, there is a sense of meaning, something new, the evenings maybe dark but there is light ahead. Two thousand years ago, men in long robes, riding the desert horse, they follow the star, they know something great is about to happen. What did they see, what was it that took them on such a journey, why did they follow the light in the Sky, how could they have known.

2,000 years later, the same wonder in dressed in silly rules and regulations, that more often than not, throttle the hearts of so many, on account of the disastrous wars fought, over “Love”.

Solomon sighed, the evening was a vision of light, he saw the wonder of talent nurtured, the fearlessness of the shy spirit, the hope that gives us all, only God can explain. Solomon hoped, that those who were in the role of Spiritual guides, would learn the lessons of old, and stop putting unnecessary burdens on their flocks. Compassion, gentleness, kindness, for these are the type of sacrifices that I want, not the sacrifice of old, amen.