The Strings of Faith

Where does it come from, how does it arrive, is there a code I can use, what makes it that way, why is faith faith, why do we call it that, can you catch it easily, what work is involved, how many strings do I need to make a sound, why did the pickers pick, what was the other strings doing, paying the rent somewhere. Where who why when, how do you catch it.

The memory, where to start, the motives of people, their choice, the higher goals, their choice, what about faith, do they make plans for it, the unexpected. A man turns his life around, goes from doing harm to doing good, brings about the forgiveness of many ill deeds, the simple step, the turn around. We all have the moment, the paper and the preacher who turned from crime to giving, the story of the friend he recalled, trouble no, the journey of deeds, her deeds, how they awakened the soul of many, and the long trail of hope that was laid.

The 19th friend, the example to others, the amount of times, thinking of others, the downfall of herself, but not the downfall of the soul, those times, the efforts to be kind and non judgmental was an inspiration at times as much as it was perplexing, trouble, it was like water on the dry soil, you ignored it, and tried to block others doing harm, what a lesson you left, thinking of others, yes we all need an outstretched arm, that’s the feeling of support, how you are recalled, my 19th friend.

Solomon recalled the old lady who gave the two bits, a widow in biblical times, Solomon assumed aged too, to think that her effort is recalled, no deed forgotten, how it reminds us to give, amen.


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