Pain Relief

Too much to endure, the reminder, pain, some can be psychological, we don’t allow ourselves to forget, or we are surrounded by those, who constantly remind us, this is your pain and don’t you forget, a bit like the roman enforcement in old biblical times, you only need us, we will protect you, we are what you need, you reach for two more tablets, it’s the time, says the doctor, four hours later, another two, and the pharmacy is open all night, your in safe hands, thinking about the pain, it controls you, and while there are excuses, experts in pain, there isn’t enough pain relief, why would they point to the heavenly healer, that heals. How is it possible, you are in an exam, the weather is not important, your current mental health, can you answer the question, did you try the healer.

Treasure Box

The thought in the bed, is there anything to take me out of this, have i made pain a feature of my life, why not do something with it, what, is that possible too. The effort is made, pass the idea on, the new thought, you are walking with the healer, he only has to touch you, there is excitement, feelings of freedom, are you brave enough, to accept this, she goes further, thinks of other times, less effort, no ailments, happy thoughts, when you could stride out normally, the walks you took, the lingering feeling, happy times, then the next day, the first morning, your away, the dreams are awake, what is this pain thing, momentarily forgotten, back, is it time for the medication, you stop. The more you feel good, the less unwellness you feel, is there a connection, why do the living words of Christ work so successfully, the prophet replies, give it a chance, you won’t have any regrets, amen.

Who was on the phone she asks, hearing him hang up.

Solomon asked, what is the attraction of Jesus. The class pause, thinking it out. Anyone, asks the prophet. A time passes, the class pensive, this is a serious question. Was it the healing, the wonders, the signs, the fearlessness, what was it, so many events come to mind, they continue to think about it. Finally Solomon replies, when in the mind, Jesus takes control of the situation, you just want to hear what he has to say, amen.


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