Happy Christmas

The way to the happy moment, think of the all time great, think Christmas, the number of children who bask in the joy of the coming season, their hopes rising, their hopes swell, the little actions, small kindness, charity, thoughtful, mindful, real, those innocent eyes, they want to buy everyone a present, so delicate, those hearts that want to give, if only, why not, more reminders, why not celebrate it more often, the days can be long, and the way things are changing, more kindness is called for, happy Christmas.

We will of course, the feelings are all kind, no one goes short, there is fine tuning, the little bits are shopped for at the end, the icing on proceedings, the hearts gather, In Jesus, the name that changes outcomes, that heals, that makes the dark go away, heaven.

Solomon was thinking of the old friends, the way some went to extremes to get presents for aged relatives, old ones you saw only once a year, the visits, as rare as a visit to the dentist, but not forgotten, the watery eyes, the glorious well being until the next Christmas. The signs were appearing, the results Heavenly, keep that hope inside you, don’t be star struck, do it daily, this Christmas mood, amen.


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