Inside Space

Messi, the weave of the body, the movement, the space is created. The crowd wonders, how did he do that, the car reverses out the drive, long low back truck body, the bicycle on the path, the cyclist ducks, weaves around the tail of the body, cycles on, as if it never happened, a second early or late, the ball is gone, or the bike is under the truck, how does it happen.

He is trying to explain to her, she is restless in the bed, always wants to control, it’s her mind, it finds hard to shut down, the medications she is on, she is also giddy, space inside, she tries to listen.

Space inside, she still does not understand, space he says again, her eyes focus, trying to take it in, find her pitch, how can i steak his attention, space he says, you have to have space inside. The session lasts forty minutes, when he glances at the clock she knows it’s time. He leaves his desk, walks out the door, she puts on her shoes, expensive Gucci’s, goes well with her designer outfit, a deep intake of breath, he returns, hands her a prescription, everyday he says with a smile on his face, she looks down at it, not again she says, the word exercise on the note.

Later that night, he is doing his daily review, he does not like to over subscribe. He counts the number of times he gave out the exercise prescription, almost them all, the exception being a 100 year old man who didn’t have legs. Space I created, he rises from the chair and desk, makes himself up the stairs, the toilet done, exercise, think of all the space I created instead.

Solomon sighed, the word space, what did it mean. If the head is full of the old stuff, where do you make space for what is new and lasting.

Question, what is space?


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