The New Confirmation and Communion

Solomon sighed, it was turning about, the Titanic on it’s second voyage, the iceberg missed again, like that space rock that shaved the earth. A new form of confirmation and communion.

Let it be the Parents who take the pledge before God, they being the ones used to the fibre food as they call it, rather than putting robes on children, amen.

How many would love to see that?

In Rome, there is delight, at last, a view that helps alienate the extreme thinkers, amen.

You are not supposed to be miserable, your made to be happy, amen.


My Community

Healthy the hope, not taking advantage of people hopefully, setting down the seeds that are life giving, not thinking of exploitation, not trying to harm, not encouraging addictions, not hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable, some of the ways to help the community. Solomon heard the sighs of those seeking social justice; now they demanded, end the harm now, we want peace now, the community is under attack, the influences that need stopping, can’t anyone help, the continual prayer, Solomon sighed; The Higher Spirit was spreading, reaching out, changes were coming, the righteous were having victories, evil was being suppressed and ended, the heavens were speaking, stay firm in your Faith in God Most High, all credit to the one who passes out the talents, for without newness what is there, amen.

extremism was trying to anchor itself to normal daily issues, on top of a people, weighed down with the worries of the day, and the influences from outside, that were difficult to deal with, the anxieties that were adding up daily, some panic, what do we do they ask?.

Jesus is the living word, the gospels are true, hold your faith, it will all be okay. The man in the boat, the storm is about to overcome them, the sea calms, the weather eases, what power can do this they asked. Jesus said to them, have you any faith?.

My community, under threat, our minds under stress, our thoughts fear filled, the prayer constant, Jesus sighs, look up, this life is just a stage in the process, Heaven is real, stay the course, it will always work out, amen.

Great Grand Father

A smile on his face, aged with years and experience, near the journeys end, he sighs, and says, it’s Grandfather he says. The others wonder, they know the soul in the bed, they know his strength of belief, I’m going he says, then he slips away, taken to the world above, by his eternal grandfather, amen.

Solomon sighed, what a beautiful way to move on amen. Then he thought, what is it that awaits us, are our deeds enough, room for improvement he said, then jumped up out of the bed, work to be done, amen.

Don’t be complacent, Love until the end, wait for the wonders that wait for you, don’t sow any dread, amen.

No Panic

What’s there to matter about, there is no where for you to go, no panic dear he says, his voice threatening. No panic, the numbers living in fear, they have learned to live with it, panic, it’s an everyday experience. No panic, where does all that violent thought come from, no panic, what is your DNA made up of, no panic, only your experiences and habits passed on, the sins of the father, no panic, they are just passed on, no panic, until God Almighty comes along, then it’s time to panic, amen.

Solomon looked at the cheap headlines, an effort to pour scorn and hurt on those who believed, did those doing the taunting not realize, the gravity of the harm they were trying to cause, while the signs from above continue to arrive. It brought back the parable of the log and the splinter to life, no panic..

Focus on High….

What’s going on, everyone looks to the sky, the shops are empty, you wonder why, no sale signs up in the clouds, there your destiny cannot be bought, there is no price list, the rich man sighs. But I control the world down here, they do as they are told, I can even make their lives dreary, really replies God with a weary smile. And you boast in company, that you know me well, I’m glad you are aware, why no change your focus to on high. But that will cost me my friends, they tremble when I speak, the follow whatever I say, I can’t give up all that.

Divine intervention sighed Solomon, the gaze on the lower ground, the tantalizing views, how I’d like some of that. Jesus enjoyed the company of those who were true in their own selves, he didn’t have to double guess, their habits were straight and laid out. Wasn’t it a pity he sighed, that so many in the religious world, were so focused on relationships between persons, when they should have been focused on what was on high.


Freedom to Speak

Will I vote, why bother, it’s the same result, the election is rigged. The feelings in the hearts of those, who lived among dictatorships for a long while, mainly in the African continent. Solomon spoke to the young man, he was trying to find the election station, Solomon was. It was just one of those moments, you take a wrong turn, and you end up learning something new, or maybe it’s called an affirmation.

The young member of the Islam faith, spoke of the difficulty of democracy in some countries. The local dictator was in power, the money was stolen and placed off shore annually, the rights of the population ignored; the young man sighed, they are Just Muslims in name, Solomon sighed, it’s not any different from those claiming the Christian faith; they issue the words but they rarely follow the faith. however as they parted, they both agreed, that it was easy for all faiths to live side by side, when the pride is removed, and the power is shared. It was an important point for election day. Many chose their party, their friends, their interests, rarely considering the overall well being. Jesus being a central character in all the Faiths, wasn’t it easy to see where the bridges of understanding had to be built; projecting the old wisdom, not the propaganda, that money was constantly buying.

A lot can happen on the way to the poling station.

Our World

We are the tenants in this world, the means for gathering we have been given, in our race to success, we tampered with the mixture, added chemicals to hurry the growth, we hurried to progress without thought of consequence, left our mistakes to the next generation, not that we planned it, we just hoped. Addiction to the material brought us to the brink, there is a limit, but when there is no water to drink, as they say, the options become limited, and in our efforts to distract others from our faults, we started wars to rally support for our schemes. If this sounds like an apology, I sure hope this is what you assume, how can we plead for mercy if we are not contrite and real. There are many flowers in the garden, multi colored, all races, all different sizes of fields, the reality of the words of Jesus, we are called to be Samaritans not judges, as some try to believe. There are no favorites, everyone is treated the same, we are compassion, we are love, we are charitable, if we truly believe. We are the tenants in that old parable, this you must believe.

Solomon was listening to the words of a far off preacher, a man of Godly esteem was having a final goodbye, he saw the crowd, many of them celebrities, and these are the thoughts he had. As Ezra says; when the day comes and you must face the judgement, you will only have your deeds and what comes out of your mouth to defend you, amen.

Learning Irish

A small miracle, the desire to learn the Irish language grows, Harry is upbeat, interested, there are twenty in the class, all mature students, when in school, many thought learning Irish was a waste of time, no money in it, no job in it, just another language that is dying, why bother, when you should be concentrating on math, who can argue with that. that was then, this is now. A dying language, so practical, the way the words fall out of the mouth, what’s in it for me, what’s in it for me, how often have you said that.

If only they made it more interesting in school, it’s how you teach it, and the values that you promote. Joy excitement intrigue meaning understanding, in school, few teachers do it that way. Can you imagine the early believers listening to Jesus, telling them about the new kingdom, the Glory of Heaven, and all that he was saying meanwhile, those who were ill were gathering to hear the good news, imagine the excitement, Mary is suddenly better, the blind leper, can see and his limbs perfect, imagine what they the believers were thinking, He is the answer to all our problems, awesome. Then he tells them, it’s inside you all, it’s the way you tell them I suppose, amen

Word Power

get up and walk, get up and walk, the man got up and walked. In the beginning, words, in the end, words, the power of thought, the power of God within, it’s waiting to to awoken in you, it’s that simple. It was no blind comment, the proof was 2,000 years old. It was not an if, or a maybe, it was written in ancient civilizations. The pyramids, the holy sites, the visions of the prophets. it was not rocket science. Solomon was reading an old book, well new in one way, it was only 130 years old, a blip in our life history. He sighed ,why didn’t they explain it in the simple way it was given to them, this life was a transition, there was more to come. Well, if they fill your heads with all that is this world, what else will you think. Blind the mind, burn the heart, and survive, don’t think so, amen.