Where Do I begin…

The autopsy, all that ash, I want everyone identified, fifty million cold cases, that’s the crime of all time, time to begin. The Mission, well, where. what, stop, well, the growth in extremism, what have we been doing, seduced by sweet argument.

Mass Graves, the thought of having to account for it all, and at a time, when prophetic signs are clearly appearing, a thought, the journey to the Eternal way, laden with good intentions, where do I begin. The wars suddenly all stop, the focus on the one, the internal truth, who are you, amen.

A huge mass of souls, dragging their lives after them, all of it, Solomon smiles, where is the baggage handler?.


Young Girl

Away from the crowd, not able to mix that well, cooped up, the voices on TV, she wants to be like the others, instead her thoughts become insular, what is happening to me. The break out, a new friend arrives, in the form of an angel, her life is turned upside down, the door to her life opens, the Spirit escapes from the cage, hope, she sighs, that’s the feeling, new friends, the world no longer one filled with fear, on the loose, she has dreams, the nice things, even the sensuous thought, she is coming to life, as a flower opens to the sun. amen.

You don’t hide a lamp under the bed, the words of Jesus. The lamp being the light of Spirit.

The nervous feeling, a friend is calling, while alone a friend is thinking good of me, the never alone again feeling, she can relax and be alone, she is patient, there is a life out there, and the she is now a part of it, how to get out, she knows it’s just a question of time, amen.


Freedom, freedom, the song fades out, the play list, it’s on automatic, she is immobile on the bed, hasn’t moved her head for an hour, an assistant comes in regularly to move her, the threat of lesions, it’s her experience, her life, freedom she pleads, her head a minefield, the music keeps her distracted, but it never lasts, more more more, the song intro, she likes the beat, old times, and old tune, those were the days, glad for the distraction, momentary peace in the head…

Freedom, will I ever meet someone who loves me for being me, why do I have to change all the time, these thoughts enter her head while she gets made up, another show as they call it, hours away. What is the choice today, she glances at the box of pills, three of those and she will be her other self. Freedom, to be accepted for who you are, including the pain inside.

She waits for him, what will he want today, the disfigurements, he likes me like this, he likes me like that, what will work the best, she wants to please. The radio comes on, did i push that button, the voice captures her attention. It goes like this…

“the problem with men and women is not that they are men and women, it’s that they have differing emotional needs, it’s been too much one way traffic in favor of the lower love, while totally disregarding their inner spiritual self, they have to give themselves away to be loved, it’s how they framed the world, they presented children as being the property of the Father, when that is formed in the head, men are led to assume, they hold sway over women, hence their aggressive attitude, where does a woman go to find true love, rather than the attitude of a cat walk model, he picked me, when it’s like holding out yourself to be sold..Many even believe and have been told, as shown by society too, that money power and sex is what controls the world, check the newspapers, it’s full of that message…

She continues to dress, money power, that she could do with, the other part, she would like to meet a friend when she goes out, rather than one of those, who have one mind set, the magic between men and women. Freedom, what is it?..

He’s on his way, the Jewish people hear the news, great events are being reported, a messiah has arrived, so the feeling goes, freedom thinks the farmer, amen. She is listening to the audio book, Jesus, what can he do for me, what was he. So she hears a voice, a sweet sound, she begins to relax, she has never heard this before, relax, don’t you know, this life is a journey dear, there is a great reward at the end, what she sighs, freedom. Allow the Spirit that brings the healthy fruit to enter your heart, build up a treasure of good works, the Lord above hears the prayer of the contrite sinner, amen, freedom she sighs at last, amen.

Solomon sighed, the gospels had been shown to be the conduit, that holds the gate open for the sheep to enter into the higher world, live the word, be a living witness to the wonders of God, how to start was the issue for most, so many burdened from their sin, afraid to accept, the reality of their divine potential. A gift from above, peace in the heart, those that endure, will save their life eternal, amen.

Working Man

Will you get out of bed, darn, he tightens the duvet, tries to appear asleep, he hears the steps getting nearer,he grabs the duvet, can I hide under the bed, no chance, too many smelly socks, the door opens, he tries to poke an eye out, is that a wooden spoon in her hand, he suddenly throws back the cover, is up immediately,Ma he says, looking at the wooden stick, she is a member of anxiety, no amnesty international, the peace organisation, they don’t do violence, get a job, Ma,you said my job was to think, while all the others are doing, otherwise they’ll lose all sense of direction,that’s what you said last night,his eyes fixed on hers, well ma, you mean you didn’t mean it. And change your under pants, her eyes on his jocks, the state of them she says, any clean shirts he replies, as she descends the stairs.

Later, in town, he has a sour face, a pal walks beside him, they are seeking something to do. They pass the adult sex shop, they don’t look in, they have passed it so often, besides who will pay a fortune for a piece of plastic, just because of the label and the wrapping. Later in a coffee shop, they discuss their choices. A man across from them is reading a newspaper. Did you see that, what says Johnny. Oh that replies the pal, should we buy a copy later. Well, Johnny likes the occasional flutter, and doesn’t want to spend his last dollars on a paper. The headline reads, “Judge concerned with the large number of young porn offenders”.. the word porn, it excites them,action, what, it just does, the same way a sale sign in a window attracts a shopper with cash.

Afterwards, they are walking home, penniless, Johnny lost again. I thought you had inspiration his pal says, Johnny shakes his head, she wasn’t wearing yellow, what, his pal looks at him, are you on drugs, Johnny is pissed off and hungry, when she wears yellow i feel inspired, his pal shakes his head, better get a job, or i will end up like him.

In the door, his shoulders slouched, he tries to avoid the kitchen, as he is half way up the stairs his Ma catches him. I’m going to the bathroom he says. She watches him trail on, what will i don with him she thinks. Later in the kitchen, the two of them are eating their tea, you, she is about to ask him, but the fork of egg and beans makes it to her mouth instead. A tasty bite ma he says. You didn’t look yourself coming in the door, is there something you need to tell me. If her tells her he lost the pocket money again, she won’t be pleased. He has to say something, think, think, think. Why do they have adult sex stores near schools, knowing that small wee children pass them everyday and more than once, shouldn’t they be in other areas. She puts down her fork, a big smile on her face,it’s as if he won first prize in an exam. That’s the first bit of sense that came out of your mouth in twenty years,do you want money, go see a picture if you want. He is amazed,this is new. I knew you’d turn to something good, would you like some cake with your tea, i just bought a new one.

Later he is in front of the TV, a rug around his legs, as if he’s camped. Ma opens the door,a tray before her, and two cups of tea and a plate of cake. Brains do occasionally work. Ma he says, would they allow you drive a car without a permit. She is beside herself in excitement. What makes you think that she says. The boy is finally learning. That wouldn’t be fair she says, you could hurt someone. I suppose they have to do that to the internet too, zones for big people, and ….

Solomon sighed, later generations were not going to be impressed with the attitude of the current lot, given their indulgence with their ego’s, amen.