Mind thoughts, the phone, the spying, the habits, the taunt, extremism, there are many forms to it, and as souls seek comfort, there are many who are extreme waiting to take advantage, it’s the numbers, the online voice, the more hits the greater the reward, the more extreme their thoughts, the better they feel, but how will such thinkers fare, when it comes to divine intervention, what do their thoughts gain for them; the Ire of God for one thing, harm to the lost, anxiety for the young, disruption of society, their goal.

Solomon sighed, the victory of Jesus came with major benefits, and it’s written, the old books bare this out. so no matter how extreme it may appear, stop, don’t allow your time to be stolen, there are many just causes out there, remain focused, the Spirit from on high, is spreading everywhere, and nothing of man can oppose it, amen. How to make good on your eternal promises, how do you improve your community, do you appease or do you talk up, can you put on one face, that says all the right things, or do you privately enjoy the harm your life creates for others, does anyone understand the consequences.

The gospels are proved true, the words of Jesus, life giving, time to readjust the heart, time to start sowing all that is good seed amen.

Vow to serve the Almighty God

Man offers up his life, the promise, to serve the will of God. Many have made this promise, that this man makes this day, how have they fared, what has their harvest achieved, did they serve man or God. Solomon was watching the signs; words of prophecy of the ancient scribes, Isaiah, Ezra, Daniel, and others, on many minds.

The will of God; Jesus told the early believers, sacrifices they offered, animal sacrifices, no, it’s compassion that is sought, kindness, the work of the Samaritans, not the brand you wear, it’s deeds that count, amen. How many put the organisation ahead of all other interests, not unlike the pharisee’s, who preferred the approval of men.

Whom do you serve?


The alarm clock, the turn in the bed, that hour already, the mind gets ready, the body next, it’s Monday. Is there milk, the last thing you want, sour cream for the cornflakes, as if life is so easy, no anxieties. Meanwhile in another part of town, the tyrant reads the news, have they reacted as he hoped. The more misery he can direct, the greater the chance of a reaction. In the square in front of the office, the boots make thundering sounds, as hundred of men go through their preparations, they know the boss likes that sound, so intimidating. An old lady watches the screen, can’t believe it, young men mimicking the Nazi force of old, had they ever been there, she is Jewish.

Solomon sighed; there are those trying to rip what remains of the heart out of civilization, encouraged by the clever arguments of nationalism, they them those those others, foreigners, unfit, the list is endless, the aim of the extremists, do as much emotional damage, they’ll eventually react, then they’ll be on our terms, and we will win.

If they ever listened to Jesus, if ever. How those who claim to be of God, can be part of such madness. It was never going to be easy, but the advice from the top, is clear cut. Don’t react, and if hurt, think of those who hurt too, the last thing you need is to do as they do. With the signs pointing to the skies above, of Heavenly intervention, let the haters worry, for the God of all eternity, won’t be patient with them for ever. As they add to the hurt, they only hasten their own demise, persist to the end.