Compassion Ukraine Children

The politicians, the voices, the residue issues, the welfare of children, the attachment to all hearts, the pressing issues, how in the 21st century can this happen, the cries of politicians, the raising of voices, the strain on so many hearts, do something about this, then, the movement of people across the globe, the immigration trail, the time of the global changes, the object view of women, can we fix this, and then the anarchy in the eastern Europe world, rebuilding, after many years of communism, change takes time, then the knee jerk reactions, the effort by extreme politicians to get in on the act, seeking sympathy for their cause, using the emotional baggage, hurt from the past, mowing the lawn of emotional thrash, to gain even more influence, in a world besieged by social media influence, as if we have’t had enough. Its time for reflection, the world is changing, it’s written, the prophesy of the ancient prophets, this is foretold, how are we going to treat our fellow world citizens, the challenge.

What’s on the mind, the welfare of Afghanistan is now back page news, if they are lucky, the other outrages, that have continued, the unfiltered access allowed to anyone, towards the adult world online, children the victims, while ego’s preach their new manifesto, it’s madness. Jesus reminds all, hold firm, the prophet Ezra is visited by the Holy Angel, the times of the great change, describes uncertainties like these times, how are we to prepare, what attitude should we adopt, what should we focus on basically.

Solomon sighed, the changes were withering, the pain and suffering, in the minds of many, meanwhile, there were those, trapped like slaves in many places, imprisoned, whose cause had been overtaken, they now left overs, the cast off causes, that get disregarded, when a new cause comes along, but the good news, and there is good news, the extremists are in a big hole, and the more they dig up trouble, the deeper they suspend themselves, there are no distractions, when it comes to God, as God is the same, then now tomorrow, and forever, the radar is on, but how will the human race respond.

Then there is the movie, the fake president, it’s a romantic comedy, the press gather, there is a big news statement, the cameras flash, something of national importance is going to be revealed, “dave”, (substitute for the real president who dies) the name of the movie, so when the time comes, for the public appearance, the cold hearted man, from those who know him, see a miracle, when they see the cold hard politician, takes time of to consider, the welfare of a child, who is not part of the group, (they are at a shelter) and begins to interplay with the socially challenged child (the world is now filling up with socially challenged children, and getting busier by the hour, reminder to all the voices reporting on anxiety today, the headline disappears, but the issues remain), as Jesus says, what do you do in private, how you really think of others is known by God, regardless of the spin people put on the issue of the day, so in this frame of mind, lets hope the concern so many express today, about the troubles for those in very dark places, extends beyond this crisis, amen.

Political interests always try to take advantage of a crisis, the same way, charities advertise their need for funding, while there are major disasters happening, amen. And no one does it better, than narcissistic thinkers, who manipulate the public mood, remember Germany, the 1930’s, amen. And this trend in evil thinking, has spread into many normal lives today, well, taking advantage of the vulnerable, goes back to the times of Jesus, 2’000 years ago.

Check out the picture, amen.


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