The Value

The need for homes, the intervention of the welfare services, the accountant and the investor, the prize, long term promise of money, safe cash, the plight of emigrants, the opportunity, what sort of return can we get from them, they do the sums, the returns, the capital value, the brochure,the doubling of rents, government guaranteed, the money lost, the poverty, the mental health services that can’t be financed, amen, how the sly spot the opportunity.

The value, the woman or the child, the economics of the situation, the room, the number of visitors, the return, the property, it’s easy to fill them, with all the needy emigrant women, the opportunity, the human cost, what does it matter, the poor will always be with us, why worry about them now.

The value, the corrupt, the chances of getting caught, negligible, the precedent, lawyers will produce the paper, the accountant will do the numbers, one expert supports the other, it’s how they work, senselessly, then the authorities, to be seen to be doing good, point their arrows, at the small people, dressing them up as ruthless, while waiting for the next partner to arrive, the value, power.

Solomon sighed, power or value, look to the sky, the changes, this is prophetic, don’t be fooled, the signs are coming from above, in the changes, the signs, the revelation of the secret words, the cloud, and many other signs, why have they been so quite on this wondered Solomon, this is news to remind all, or those that might choose to repent, that the Power of the prophets is at work today. The value, who wants to be reminded, that life has to be accounted for, amen.


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