Baby steps

Changes, there are so many issues before us, not all can change at once, the chaos it would cause, the room given to extremists to exploit the change, and take a role in lives and society, where their only plan is to undermine, may we be wise, and take baby steps, so wisdom might say.

Solomon is on the street, the child is not co-operating with it’s mother, refuses to move, what a defiant child, who wants to remain seated, on the ground, while the mother tries to cajole it along, nothing new you might say. Stand back, forget the past, money can’t solve this issue, otherwise we could print it until..the mindset has to change. The relationship at home, how women and girls are sometimes given roles, that deny them, the chance to shine spiritually, is this vital you ask. The harvest is spiritual, the others you inspire to look up rather than look down, what happens when males are lead to believe, that woman and girls are inferior, or lesser beings in the eyes of males who live around them, what attitude does this mindset encourage. God can only be worshiped in Spirit, so if you raise children, to look down on the female race, what sort of spirit are you encouraging, food for thought, with divine revelation everywhere today, amen.

Baby changes, the past is the lesson, the future, may it be the road that leads to Heavenly spaces, as Jesus says, the words life giving, men and women, are equals, even if they have different abilities, amen.


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