The Lady loses her creativity…

Where does it go, the inspiration, the ego, stop thinking too much, pause, it’s just a break, stop, the world is just a day, one starts up, it’s going to happen again, do you need to cure depression, are you too much into saying, nothing will ever change, what will i do with life, it’s too much, the head is full with darkness, to whom do i go for help. Feeling lost at times is being normal, you lose yourself, you find, the little upsets, stop, how do you cure mental unwellness, can i help myself. Here, begin with a story, meaning, start to listen, amen.

The day is only a lesson, your the pupil. The mood fills the head, help you want, listen, by the time you read the lesson, you will begin to think, another thinks of me, that’s empathy, become emphatic, you will start to listen closely without prejudice, thinking of others basically.

The more you listen, the easier the self feels, your helping another. There are many days ahead of you, practice the habits that bring life internal to your spirit, the darkness does not live in the light, it’s practice, amen.


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