Breaching the Trust

Israelite’s, the early believers, the first chosen, the arc of the covenant, respect and courtesy, this is after all the promise of the eternal God. When with you, how can you lose, they go to war, their trust deep, the arc of the covenant with them, they defeat armies, much larger,overcome the impossible, in their path, they ignore the power that holds them together, their arrogance overcomes them, the sly among them,try to seize power, the breaching of the original trust.

History sighed Solomon, history, the ancient wars, the fall and the comeback, the repeat of the circumstances, the tooing and frowing, the exile to Babylon, the return, the prophets sent to assist them, the ones we read about today, are there lessons in all this. Solomon sighed, the Spirit arrived, the signs, the clouds, evidence of the divine, a great need to think clearly, amen, everyone judged fairly; how you treat others.

Solomon smiled, good news for those living in slave like conditions, amen. Others cried, we better improve ourselves rapidly, amen.


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