Where is He!

A child is born, the system isn’t working, for years the boy is assisted, becomes a full grown man, but still has needs, can’t operate alone. How did God allow this a man asked, a carer who knew him for many years, it was a fair question, everyone seeking answers, reason, how was it possible, why me!, why him, why her, why this, why that, well!

Solomon was listening, the points were valid and the man needed an answer, and Solomon was the man to provide the answer, well, why can you explain it he pressed, the answer had to be instant, well, you believe, give me an answer. The oceans are acidic, fish are being born with two heads, children had more issues from birth than ever before, the mind is weaker than ever, how is that for an answer sighed Solomon, do you suppose God destroyed or polluted the atmosphere, well, the man had no answer, humans did it obviously. Blame God, Solomon

heard it many times, why, how can you have faith. what person would poison his own children. Well, online traffic is very pointed, who pushes your buttons, your heart or your personal desire or need for pleasure. Surprisingly, when your heart is engaged, you think of other people, and that is called, love, amen.

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