Well, what does history say or what does it mean, usually comes with more baggage than a jumbo jet, the past, the mistakes, the reasons not to trust, a cause for concern, fear comes to the top too easy, one day you’ll learn how to forgive and wonder what you’ve been doing all your life. Anyway, there is much to be said for history, the victors usually write it to begin with, but there are also those who correct history, and are known to suffer for it.

Solomon was reading about the Jewish dilemma, and the blame that was afforded them for the crucifixion of Jesus, and how for centuries and millenniums, they were blamed, for the actions of a few. Those pointing the finger, were supposed to be “Fans” of the crucified savior, and what did he teach them, what was central to it all, forgiveness, the lessons history teach us, amen, few people ever listen, even today.

How often we condemn whole nations and peoples because of history, as if history was an indication of the future. No cars then, no mobile phones, no air planes, no contraception, no off shore accounts, history is so indicative of the future.


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