John the 23rd

23, the number of books in the Koran, john the 23rd, most respected of christian leaders in the last century, let us live and understand our differences, don’t force anyone, the number, a reminder from above, and the need to build bridges between all believers, and so his track record proved. On account of the poor showing of the catholic church in France, during the second world war, where some bishops in Paris, some, sided with the Nazi occupiers, John the 23rd, a peasant farmers son, was sent by the then pope to France to rehabilitate the relationship between the catholic church and those who lived through that horrible period, and successful he was, he later became Pope when he thought he should be retiring, i’m getting old. He was a stop gap pope, the filler in between. It happens that he turned out to be the finest of them all, because he stuck to what the role involved, being a shepherd and not the sheep owner or politician. I wonder if his example, is possible to imitate today. In a world of political correctness, he was not correct, said what was needed ,that was John the 23rd, and he was pure spirit, amen. Among all the religions out there, is there a John the 23rd, for the world needs you.

Solomon was reading a book, that retold history. So many politicians, so few leaders was the gist of the content. When he looked around the world today, all there was to see, was so many politicians and so few leaders, remarkable he thought, considering what was possible.

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