The World of Yesterday

I hear there is a planet called yesterday, it’s a far off place, seems few even get there, and what happened on yesterday is yesterday’s business i guess, so what happens on yesterday, the chance to do something new, to do something about it, not on yesterday though, I wonder what happens today on yesterday, is this confusing, all the stuff I could have done if i had been on yesterday.

Solomon was reminding himself, today was the day everyday, and hindsight was useless, he thought about the old prophets, and how they wrote their messages and wisdom’s, at a time when few could even write, let alone read, so that coming generations could read what they wrote, in order that we lived today, rather than yesterday, amen. Are you listening he sighed, oh, that was yesterday, wasn’t it! The affirmation came as usual, it was the Monday feeling, if we only listened he sighed, rather than wished it was yesterday!

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