The World of Yesterday

I hear there is a planet called yesterday, it’s a far off place, seems few even get there, and what happened on yesterday is yesterday’s business i guess, so what happens on yesterday, the chance to do something new, to do something about it, not on yesterday though, I wonder what happens today on yesterday, is this confusing, all the stuff I could have done if i had been on yesterday.

Solomon was reminding himself, today was the day everyday, and hindsight was useless, he thought about the old prophets, and how they wrote their messages and wisdom’s, at a time when few could even write, let alone read, so that coming generations could read what they wrote, in order that we lived today, rather than yesterday, amen. Are you listening he sighed, oh, that was yesterday, wasn’t it! The affirmation came as usual, it was the Monday feeling, if we only listened he sighed, rather than wished it was yesterday!

Mind Games

Doubts, Anxiety, appealing to our greatest fears, the risk to love, the murmurs of friends, raising the stakes, and then the mind readers, or spies in our company, using the tactics, the same ones they have seen on TV, and that is plain evil. Solomon sighed, every one of them was on the radar, thank heavens he smiled, it will soon be the end of them, all.

Poison the heart and destroy the soul, the damage done to love every day

, outrageous!

Sowing the Seeds

just an idea, why are you saying this, i thought you liked me, he looks are her, why he wonders does she behave like this, the sowers of doubt, where does it come from, a previous experience, and the harm it caused, she’s been tossed around, used in the past, it is her hidden history, now she uses it like a sword to cut the heart up, of others, getting even, seriously. I never knew you he said, why didn’t you tell me, amen.

the words of old, the resentment passed on, getting even, isn’t that a mantra, which we are regularly reminded of, the wars started in anger, and the legacy they passed on.

Solomon was reminding himself of the destructive nature of being unable to forgive, the legacy issues he was trying to point out, forgive forgive, his words went beyond what they meant. In anger or stress, he knew how human behaviour worked, we retreat, to that other space where we had that similar feeling, it was a lesson he was passing on, unless you forgave, you passed on prejudice and fear.

Donald Trump are you listening, amen!

solomon shared company, a distorted soul trying to cause a divide within a family, he listened, and played along, listening, there was a demon in her mist, he was listening.

Guess who I saw with peggy sue dude!

Salome’s Last Dance

John the Baptist, the fiery prophet, languished, a thorn in the side, a woman with a very dark side, the king, his word his bond, enthralled at the young woman’s beauty, you can have anything dear child, anything, the opportunity of a lifetime, well he desires you darling he’ll do anything, and like the hero’s of old, he is besotted by that charming woman, he is following in the list of many fallen hero’s, but he is no hero just a fool, trapped by the image of youth, all mine all mine, she answers with a sly grin, the head of the fiery prophet on a silver plate please. what!, the king has given his word, he can’t retreat it’s part of his conceit, i’m a king.

Solomon was reminding himself, how the hero’s of old had fallen, sold out by the demon underneath the cunning smile, well i have him now she smiles, that will be the end of him, so much for his God Most High, it only took an erotic dance to trap the old fool. How many great lives were thwarted under such circumstances, fooled by the tease and the promise of more to come. Solomon had seen the scene play out in many lives, and in a nutshell, he had the wisdom to know the difference, between true love and the fooled, amen.

Electric Man

Solomon sat in the calm night, it was the hours of sleep, all the world, in his part of the globe, was sleeping, well, apart from the night staff, but the air was calm, the sound you hear when the air conditioner is switched off and that droning hum disappears, well, it sounds like.

He’d a present for those traumatising children, the mothers and children living in fear, and the demon spirit that was working overtime to create terror and fear, the voiceless of the world, the children of the slums in Rio, the children of Aleppo, the slum dwellers of Calcutta, the women and children used to being abused everywhere, there is a God, you just have to believe. Quietly he prepared his words, the core of his petition this evening.

Turn them into babbling fools, those that prey on your people Dear Father, send them a message. Pull the big weeds in the garden and let the light in, amen, remember the men and women on their knees praying this moment, it was four o’clock in the morning exactly.

Being electric, our thoughts can be heard thousands of miles away!

With the quite he could hear his thoughts clearly, no intrusion, it was his way of meditation, or what he imagined it to be, but the electric current of all those sleeping individuals was switched off, the same way it is on a holiday or Christmas, for everyone of us is a charged individual, when it goes wrong the mind has been known to surge, the high and low feeling i suppose. When we get that energy in balance we are light bulbs practically, it’s why some people literally shine, the flow inside them is good. Imagine it, the entire world is made up of electric people, imagine what happens when that flow is interfered with, your mad, over reacting, dull, bright, a whole mixture of powers. Solomon was in the zone this evening, and saying his prayer, the calm allowing for his full thought process to activate inside him, he was beholden to the Holy Spirit, and that energy connected with the high power that circulated. Did the people realise what they could do he thought, once they allowed this electricity to flow through them, it allowed thoughts to flow, prayers to get absorbed, change to happen. Being electric he sighed, who are we he wondered, then the answer came to him, Spirits in the material, amen. For one day only

if we all lived in the zone, imagine how we could change it all, overnight, amen.

The Gold Medals

Solomon was wondering who was going to win the gold medals, not the Olympic one’s, the type that are won by those who prospered because of the darkness they sowed all their lives and the horrors they allowed to create. How many deals can we cut from a kilo John asks Steve, as he is about to mix the powder. if they use the needle you can double it again. It was in jest he thought the idea up, but it was apt to think in these terms when so much was changing and the tyrants were like flailing cloth tossed about in a gale force wind. How many were seduced by their calm when they controlled it all, they were not so loud anymore, as they tried to hide their ill ways among the good souls, fooling many in the process. Those that allowed the children of the world to lose faith in all that is good were near the top of his list of winners, but there were so many in contention there was going to be a dead heat, so many deserving of the honor.

The child who lost faith while waiting for the vital service while 25 trillion rested off shore, who were the men and women controlling this pile, they would have been wiser to have thought before they conspired to avoid their duties, wasn’t wealth enough for them, before they destroyed the lives of many who fought against their schemes. The contestants for the gold medal, the fools gold contenders were from all areas of life, did they really expect to outshine the power of God Most High, really.

The boy is dispirited, his schooling is difficult, he can’t concentrate, the images on his computer or phone too adult for his understanding. Solomon sighed, a little foresight would have gone an awful long way, had those, the zealots seen the picture, rather, they switched it for their own gain and personal pride. You have got a promotion Seamus for that great work you done, thanks Boss, amen. How many were so easily flattered. Old tyrant is in despair, on his dying bed he see’s a vision of Heaven, then an angel appears, you could have got in there, sorry!