Old Soul

Dear Old Friend,

To those you assist while on your earthly journey, consider how very lucky you are, to have given, those daily reminders, that is your life, and may I say proudly, like the widow in the temple whop gave the two bits, you are remembered too, and not imaginary either.

Against the odds, he listened to the story of Dr.Noel Browne, a man who was a humanitarian to the end, and was courageous to the end, in his defense of the vulnerable woman and child, a very Jesus thing to do, while stymied by those who were to protect the woman and child, as part of their spiritual duties, amen.


Turn the other cheek

In old times, the people of the day, found it hard to understand the deeper meaning of the words used by Jesus, particularly when it came to peace, and how to stop the violence that war ultimately brings. What happens when you stop fighting back, and allow the person hitting you, or harming you, to continue with it, against a defenseless soul. The peace that is needed today, needs to find a safe harbor. Inside, the peace begins, and when we allow this peace to become part of us, we shame the enemy who is attacking us, particularly when the world is watching. What sort of war is this, if only one side is fighting. past writers have tried to explain it, those words, turn the other cheek. Peace protesters who are sitting in protest, and removed, who offer no defense, are seen as beacons of hope, even if they appear to suffer, their effort, our reminder of the need for peace. Gandhi did it successfully in India, and others across the world offered the same. Regardless of the times we live in, we need to give children, the example of peace and peace making.

Solomon sighed, the world was in a state of change, hope was needed, and the signs said, that whatever the time of day, we needed to follow the principles of Jesus, the true principles, forgive, offer an ear, patience, and give all thanks, and offer all thanks, to the One who made the world for us, even if as custodians we have a lot of work to do, to improve on the past. Revenge only leads to more violence. And as everyone knows, there are enough extremists out there, encouraging all that is bad, amen.

Human Cost

A father takes a risk, the education prospects never good, you need quite and patience when your young and learning. It’s hard to concentrate when there is background news and those who are wanting to distract you. Sean are you coming out. The friend is stuck in a book, he likes history, likes learning, likes the potential, that could be me one day.

The father gets two years for a little theft, he is not on big money, and his family live with all that advertising too. He didn’t intend it to go wrong, insurance, the industry is a racket in itself. The child watches his father,down and tired, going away, the boy is downhearted, he will miss his great defender and friend. A rich man steals, he has a mental condition, was suffering from stress, lost a family member,so argues the barista. The rich man walks free, the judge does not see him as a threat to society.

The boy is alone, in a world going mad. There is a yellow lunatic on TV, calls everyone liars, when the boy tells a lie, he gets a clout, while this yellow fella, only gets richer. Where do I stand, the boy hasn’t a clue, just that, they are all madly stupid, and he hasn’t even grown up yet.

Solomon sighed, if only they saw the cloud, amen, they’d think very differently, amen.


Close the door, the outside world, a stranger. She takes a deep breath. What form will he be in today. No noise, she heads for the kitchen. I should not be feeling this in my home. But she is unable to open her mouth. The threats he made were just words, but they turned around her inner peace. Debilitating, that feeling of fear, turns your limbs to jelly, unable to walk almost,that ugly feeling, caught.

The sanctity of Home, and those who intentionally make it a prison for anyone living there. The affect on the inner well being. Forced to hide your feelings,you don’t recover health that easily. After awhile, the Stockholm syndrome, as you get used to it.

Solomon smiled, his prayers were heard,same as the Heavenly Spirit that came to him. It would be an anathema not to make the request. He was asked to pray occasionally, it worked too. God had given power to his requests. Ask in the Name,direct, you can all do this, practice, fill your heart with all that is good and let it go, pour it out, and once you do, you will be refilled with joy, and you’ll even have a smile on your face. The Spirit from above is above all spirits down on earth, and is a link to the power of the Almighty, amen.

Hopeful Heart Hold On…

You dwell too much, there is so much in there, over thinking is as bad as doing nothing at all, and many times it’s time you need, your heart is beating, your heart is yearning, the hunger is there but there is nothing to nourish it with, remember child, woman, man, boy, you are not alone, you only think you are, there is help, and it’s already in your heart, believe it.

Lost in the world, should have a relationship, getting depressed but not depraved, you are still hope filled, it is hard, how others judge others, the cold feeling it leaves you with, do they think the same of me, then the doubts when your alone, worsening your thoughts, you even think the worst, sleeping impossible, jaded tired, you get up next day, the shop you pass, can’t afford that, then the dread, you hope they will change the subject again, and the circle goes round and round, one day it will turn, you hear the name of Jesus, you immediately feel hope, so never give up, the destiny that awaits you, you already have it inside you.

Solomon sighed, the demon who used the fears hate and envy of others,in a nutshell, the harvester of all that is evil, through the use of others, is on the way to the abyss, amen. Trust in God, it’s in the stories of old, those who put their faith in Him who lives forever, will not be let down. Stay hopeful,amen.