350,000 children face death from famine…

The world in crisis, talks of wars, famines, unstable leaders, confused thinking, the food basket of the east held back, while many innocents face the threat of famine, 350,000 of them children, and soon, if help doesn’t arrive, while many of the signs from above, continue to arrive, and testified in prophecy 3,000 years old, while the world itself depends on the mercy of God for it’s very survival, lets not waste time, for all of the above is very true. If needing clarity, read the prophet Ezra, the second book, where the prophetic messages are written, to remind us of the day, when God Most High, will bring judgement on the world, should we be aware of this, or do we prefer ignorance.

Leaders in high places, their fate is mentioned by Jesus, their higher office, their higher responsibility, towards The Most High, may they focus on bringing peace to the world, and practice the compassion they seek from their own people, by being compassionate in their policy decisions, for who on earth, can withstand the Fury of the Most High God, no one can.

Solomon sighed, the Monday morning feeling, the news strong, the blessings of the Most High evident, with great signs and results, just as Isaiah wrote, the very prophet Jesus refers to regularly, well, if Jesus reached for the words of Isaiah, is it not a pointer to other events, events that are revealing, the truth of prophecy from times of old. How do we turn to God many ask; Jesus, the gospels shown to be true in these times, provides the answers, amen. Yes, the words of Jesus, are the gateway, amen.


Can you own love?

That’s the issue, someone steals your love, well, can they steal it, someone takes the attention of another, is it real, what does an open heart do, but open, what is a closed heart, one that does not listen, can you own love, well. The strain inside, the comfort that happens, you paint it around a person, but what is it really; it’s the loving spirit you are attracted to, loving spirit, makes you feel good, can you own it, usually, you pass it on, well, this is the affect it has on me, it’s loving. Can you own love, Jesus sighs, imagine the scenario, what is love you ask, Jesus points to the flowers, the water, the happy children, the animals in the field, those in need, the outcasts, then says, you love me, well, go and love what my father in heaven loves, then I will know that you love the Father.

Can you own love, the pillar of support, the one person who wont let you down, who can you rely upon, whom do you trust. The question is posed, the person wonders, who can you depend upon, what is everlasting, who is the go to person in your life, the question goes around the head; not many to trust in, whom can you rely upon, the teacher sighs, the pupils wonder, the bell rings, the class is dismissed, the question will be answered tomorrow, the teacher gathers her bits, home in an hour, a walk, rest, the late evening work, the teacher arrives in the next day, writes the question on the board, can you love love she writes.

You can only pass it on, the teacher writes, just practice it, amen.

Fear of War or Fear of God

Is the threat of war the real fear, or is it the threat of judgement. Solomon sighed, there was much being said and not said. The thought of having your affairs investigated from on high, was a startling thought, for those who tried to control the minds of so many. While the half truths only compounded the situation. The signs though, were from ancient scriptures, as written by the prophets. Does anyone take them seriously. amen

January 2021

Is this the new beginning. a potential unification, of God’s Holy Spirit, the eternal source of power, not man made, the Chilean nation, a new youthful leader, a new hope for many who suffered for so long all across south america, will their nations form a common flag, and unify,the same way the EU has become a sanctuary for so many, amen. will the struggling Turkish lira take a bold step; adopt the euro currency in terms of their own currency same way the Hong Kong dollar was linked to the $U.S., averting the currency crisis, that has strangled that economy.

Women and men, will they agree to put the interests of mothers ahead of themselves, without arguing.

Will the offshore trading stores, banks in other words, be reduced, or will transaction taxes be applied,relative to the gross amounts of cash they keep from social needs; people are worth far more than money.

will the widespread mental abuse of children be halted; growing up is usually taken in stages, not leaps. Time, if everything is grown in stages, why the rush these last twenty years to sexualize the planet,we are more than sex,and there is still beauty that exists.

Lastly, the record numbers of signs from above, how will spiritual leaders and the believers reply to this call from Heaven, amen.

New Found Faith

Seeking direction, the seeking continuous, voices in the night, no, I am not loosing my senses, the words of the prophets, the voice at night, the many hearing the sound, what is this they ask, am I loosing touch. The missing emotions fill out, am I deluding myself she asks, the emptiness has left, something new is filling me up, or is it just emotion, Christmas, so much of the human senses on show, and you want to show your new self. I don’t need to be busy, the needs of old vanish, there is something far more important happening, is this the change so many have been waiting for, at last. Unconditional love, the stuff mothers are made of, amen.

Born again he says, she looks at him, has he lost his mind, he was on the meds the week before, what is this she wonders. You didn’t hear it too she asks, she immediately regrets asking the question, it might set him off. Oh I got over that he says nonchalantly. I was talking to God he says after a pause, talking to God, she is suddenly worried, that again. Why, i heard them too, but she doesn’t mention it.

New found faith, I know what to do he says. She wonders how long it will last.

Solomon sighed, there was a lot of transformation going on, apart from the covid. How real was the spiritual honesty, was it of the Most High God, or was it the demon playing football with the welfare of all; New Found Faith, what did the prophets say; be sure to test it first, amen.

Lessons in Healing

The news, a friend is ill, the news is terrifying, it doesn’t sound good, the fear, the opportunities, better them than me, the visit, the mandatory chat, duty done, have you seen what he looks like, amen. Jesus entered the room, the patient sat up, noticed a different energy about, something higher, forgets about the ailment, is delighted at the change in atmosphere, anything is possible now.

Lying in the bed, the talons are no longer fierce, decaying is better word, the use of those tools, well, doing nothing hanging there, they are just tools, no longer scary. He tries to hide behind a reputation, the front, but the emotions are near, a daughter has come to visit, what is there to hide, your unwell she says while fixing the pillow, thanks he replies, thinking, did i i ever do it for you he asks himself.

The body is just a body, it wont be long, the procession is relentless, visits from friends he hasn’t seen in years, everyone wants to show their face, what timing, the body nods, it must be bad he sighs to see these crowd around. At last, a face that holds no surprise, a straight talker, no hidden ideas, no pretense, a friend, the patient perks up, his life begins again, while in the company of a real friend.

Noah, the great prophets, they all prayed for the well being of those who had passed on, their God, being the God of both the living and those who passed, their God having dominion over all. In a nutshell, did you ever consider, how your actions today matter in the lives of those gone ahead of you,; lessons in healing, amen.

As in the days of Noah

Be on guard Jesus said, says and will always say, be aware of those that undermine the inner Spiritual Space, those that try to lessen your connection with the Most High God, it won’t be easy at times, but there is a great reward for those that continue the trek. Jesus was simply reminding us, that there is another world, where peace reigns, that the troubles we encounter, are just hurdles we have to cross. Those addicted to the material, don’t want to know the truth about Jesus; his teaching inhibits those that have set their personal desires as the only goal that matters. Those that hang onto hurt don’t want to let go, therefore they don’t choose to forgive. But as in the days of Noah, the day of the Lord will come upon us, almost unnoticed, just as the flood overcame the people living in those days.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed; the signs were arriving, the connection to the gospels made real, no longer doubts, but choices to be made; Whom do you serve, amen.

Habit Forming

Threat, fear, violence, intimidate, the example, the entertainment, the harm to the Hearts that truly love, crimes against the Holy Spirit of the eternal God, the daggers, those acts that, that continue to pierce, the gnawing, how the hearts bleed, the breathing startles, the horrid reminders of a previous fate, and they do this in the sight of the Holy sentinels that report to the Most High God.

Solomon sighed, why be alarmed, much confusion and chaos was written about a long time ago, unstable leaders, truth near extinct, before the revival and the birth of the new earth, amen. Habits, what is it that they want to encourage, what sort of fear do they have in mind, don’t they know that the Almighty God can turn their schemes on those that plan and carry them out, have they not seen the cloud.

Isaiah wrote about how God wished for all who wanted to be saved and healed, just to turn towards His ways, while Jesus regularly quoted the same Holy Prophet, so those words of Isaiah, ought to be listened to, amen.

Is every act against the Almighty God a needle, a challenge to the divine authority, the Egyptians were stubborn to the end, the roman empire was defiant to the end, and while these Kingdoms have disappeared, the Kingdom that Jesus taught about, is the one and only, and still being discussed today, amen. What habits are you passing on?

Thinking Like a bird

No flight plan, no plan to build an empire, just trust in what it’s supposed to do, fly. A new born, inside the shell, the time is right, the shell begins to crack, the light enters, the new fledgling works to make it’s way to the light, much like the beginning of a new life. You are that bird. The head is up, your direction set by the light, no baggage yet, those tiny brains don’t remember, they are birds. In human terms, the baggage is the inability to forgive, the drama you bring with you, the habits you are predisposed to. In olden times, there was a great mystery as to why Jesus, could do what he could do, where his power came from, some assumed he had a demon in him, that being the source of His Power. The fact that the demons in those times, had names, should serve as a warning to all, if they were about then, imagine how they have developed networks the world over ever since, trying to thwart the power of the Eternal One. Just imagine it. But like the bird on it’s first day, the time is right when the time is right, the God of Eternal Glory knows the time of day, and can see through everything, even the confusion sown into the hearts and minds of everyone who has that Spiritual Spark; as everyone knows the mind can only absorb so much before going off key, or in musical terms, you need to re-tune the instrument if you want that old sound, amen.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, he watches the lost sheep struggle down the street, the little one following seeking to go another direction. Alone and not sure, the lamb follows the lost ones, the comfort being, we all need to be with someone. Imagine the daily trek of the lost, but they are not lost, they just got pushed off the path, with the words of Jesus in their hearts, they will soon find it again, same way that bird will return to the nest, amen.

From the nest, there are predators waiting. Some might find it hard to understand why the most horrible things happen, why they wonder is it allowed to happen. Perhaps these tragic events are reminders to what is at stake, when you lose the connection with the Most High God, and the warnings of Jesus, over 2,000 years ago, the same warning applies today. There are those who appear to be light, but are in fact demons, listen if you have ears, amen.

Turtle Neck Sweaters

The sand, the time of year, for the turtle neck sweater dear. What she says. He is losing his mind, has been saying things off the cuff, she nods. She is a care worker, he is the cared for, a resident of the Old Persons home, where she works. She has a job to do, she begins to fix the bed, tightening the blankets, fixing the pillows, move she says, he leans forward, she pumps up the pillow, pads it out some, done, he leans in. Turtle Neck Sweater time he says again, he’s loosing his mind she thinks, but he is old, she smiles, Yes it is she answers.

By the tone of voice, he knows that she is being kind, listening to the fading words of an ageing being, Yes he says, it is that time again. The perfume she wears brings back the memories, a time before she existed, he’d go into the detail with her but she has other rooms to clean, and he doesn’t want to hold her up. That perfume, reminds him of old conversations while in the prime of life, an exciting life too. No ailments then, everything functioning. He considers himself blessed for the ability to walk to the bathroom and pee standing up. Stuff you never consider when your young, like those turtle neck sweaters.

The room is his alone, she has moved on, another duty to perform. He’d been watching a program, David Attenbury he thinks was the name, an English posh talker who is passionately interested in saving a particular type of turtle, interesting program. He enjoys programs that keep him interested. Anyway he thought, the mother Turtle lays her eggs, buries them in the sand on this small island and goes back to sea, while she and thousands of other potential mothers, leave their brood to hatch under the sand until the time came, before emerging from the shell, then making it up to the open air, where a fifty yard dash awaits them to the sea, along with an enormous number of hungry birds, waiting to devour them. The odds of any one of them making it to the sea, and the continuation of their journey, 1,000 to one at best. He called the mother turtle, the turtle necked sweater, given the chances of her off spring ever making a life for themselves. She didn’t understand me he sighs, and he didn’t want to steal her time.

Solomon sighed, how nature teaches us of the perils of life and the difficulties we all have to encounter if we are ever to make our mark. What else could he do, but ponder the greater mysteries. A meeting with the divine awaited him and the day was getting closer. So many live locked in their minds, surrounded by all that went wrong, holding on to what he wondered, while so many others took advantage of that same hurt in them. Turtle neck sweater, he smiles, that perfume, as fresh as ever, amen.