can’t hurry love

22 trillion sounds like a lot, would feed everybody from here till the end of the earth, i’m hungry and my tummy hurts, mammy is gone to work and it’s after eleven, i’m covered in hurt and don’t seem to have much worth, can’t understand the poverty i feel with all that is about, painfully my brother deals with his lack of a father, no one to guide him and help him grow up, i’m six years old and i still don’t know, why on earth do we struggle when so few have so much, so i prayed to the divine one, and this is what he told me, don’t worry child  you will be all right, those that have when there are those without, well, there is a waiting list you see, and those that make the change raise the hope of the hearts, well, they are close to me he said, watch it all work out, then the rain stopped the sun shone and i felt a sparkle, inside i knew the meaning of the words, and you worry about material wealth, well take it to the grave with you cuddle yourself in it, and think of all the lives you could have helped the love you had at your hands, and you just threw it out, well, there is a story about this..Image


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