my woody allen moment

i guess it does not matter, you live thousands of miles away, your probably sipping some cheap wine the brand i can’t say, pour me another one I’ve a driver today, she smiles as she fills your glass there is a twinkle in her eye, what was that about Guantanamo bay, as i was saying before you refilled my glass, i’ve a secret report in the office upstairs i was wondering if you’d take a look, she goes to the bathroom he’s hot she thinks inside, a little perfume on the hips and some rouge for those beautiful eyes, i was trying to make you aware of Guantanamo here, is anyone listening, this has been going on for years, the bill arrives and he takes out his card gold plated he’d have it no other way, she tries to hide her growing enthusiasm but her eyes give it away, they sparkle.find them blind them bamboozle and rein them in, it’s easy to confuse abuse them then choose among them, the broken and the despairing the hopeful and the alarmed, just make their lives confusing rue’s and wont’s, get them to a point when they are running around in circles, them you move in selecting and isolating, take out the brains and you take out the power in them, emotionally cripple by means of boredom then offer help to restore them, soon they will be eating out of your hand, little do they know the plans you have for them, like some dinner today we’ll talk about food later, now you are co-operating that’s a good sign, another form of medication but it’s the emotional type so you compromise, the subtlety of addiction, food, it leaves you with nowhere to hide, wonder what they are thinking looking down from above, another days work to be done, and whatever you do, don’t let them find release in religion, God knows that can go on for ever.