A New World Order Please


World of political minded, self promotion and control guided, the truth  a stranger, cover up the principal, habits passed to children, titans flourish from the treachery, voids in the hearts of everyone, true love rare bees unwelcome, world dear friends in fear, coffee this morning tastes better, better than in years. Over the decades people tried, made known the abuses, many tried reputations maligned, stopped to discourage the wave of truth, many walked on afraid to intervene, but the stream was brave and flowed on, taking the lives of great souls, martin luther king just one of their kind, the example to accompany them.

Under fire universal love was hoping, in their ranks many judas types, the ranks of the evil heathen had spread, damaging all this time suppressing powerful regimes from within, opposite to the works and teachings of the prophets, doing their best to create hatred between men. Faith under such pressure waned, trust in hope and true love dived, cover ups exposed many years later, too late to amend what was going on, as those with the power built higher walls, their secret societies killing truth with a whim, only business I heard them say, they also killed love on sight, that is what the truth is, curtailed the careers of the brave, this is the story of the world, as far as I know, and it’s the legacy passed to children worldwide, fear. I’ve seen the cloud many divine events, came face to face with existence of God, asked my conscience what was going on, found the answers and wisdom too, saw the difficulties faced when disasters occurred, many of them man made to create the emotional flood, caught the attention of the divine listeners as well, and this was repeated time and time again, in order to get the righteous prayer, and access to the immortal and merciful God, who wondered at it all, unable to understand the evil going on, as more and more souls lost faith, it must have seemed like a job done, in the boardrooms of the secret corporations, that only praised the money idols and hated everyone. God Most High who listens to the petitions made in the name of the son, listen again to the tyrants who created the mess we are all living in, is it not time to act, if only for the sake of children growing up ,if only for the seeds of love to take a hold , you have the power to do all that, so turn them into babbling fools like before, pour out your wisdom from the divine store, set fear into the hearts of the evil doers, you mighty signs keep them aware, of the judgment the pain and the suffering that awaits them, perhaps this tactic will force them to change course, redeem the world with love, the whole and only reason for life on earth, creating  love by birth deed example and sacrifice, how else can we pass on good and great example to all young, they emulate the habits of those around them. children suffer from the example around them, children with no dream or father figure,  impossible almost to rear a child safely in a world like that, neither can mothers the world over, succeed safely in the role they are charged with.

The evil doers and titans, must to taken out of circulation, take us from the brink, the world is getting nearer day the day,  going over that proverbial cliff is the work of the evil doers, it’s your call God Most High, throw your protective shield around every good man woman and child, keep them from the clutches of those who destroy, show the world one great example of your might and power, in the hope that they may fear you, then decide to work harder at making it an earth that is safe to inhabit. the titans of evil and the whistle blower struggle, isn’t it time to take it serious, before things get worse the world over, as the prophets and Jesus said all those years ago, petitions made in his name, are heard in the heavens above where it matters, how can you the greatest father, allow this world go from disaster to disaster, while looking on from a distance, Celestine told us it was time to speak out, the souls of the cathars believed in your order, so if you expect those who try to glorify your name on earth to succeed, it’s time to get involved Dear God, and do something fast like change the world order, amen.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I changed my mind on weed – CNN.com

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I changed my mind on weed – CNN.com

Does it bother anybody else that we have been lied to for decades about marijuana and the medicinal benefits that may be derived from it? Does it bother anybody else that marijuana was classified as “Schedule 1 Substance” by our Government, when it clearly is not. I am working up to a logical path here, but having difficulty, because it is so damn stupid and nobody hired any of these people to lie, mislead, or do anything other than their damn job.

I am so tired of the lack of ethics in Government. Seriously, who has asked any Politician in this Country to do anything other than his/her job? Who has asked any employee of the United States Government, State Agency, County Personnel, or City/Town Official to do anything other than their damn job? I know I…

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open the heart

open the heart and you shall see, clear skies a few aches nothing to worry about, just love waiting to be freed, the secrets of old were once stored in the hearts of everyone, and every so often angels came along and reminded us of them, improved a few and added to the wisdom fire, during this effort not all the angels returned home and secrets were stolen, passed on to the evil few while the fallen angels lived among us, so wisdom was passed to sources evil and cold,  this evil group used wisdom against us, the output of propaganda one of their common resources, used to move and stir us while working against us, controlling all the time while the heart retreated and trust disappeared, so open the heart and learn not to fear, God Most High has all their wicked plans in view, and will do what only a loving father can, unconditionally support and love you.

the dead seeds

into the garden, the love is spread out, manured and maintained, it all works out. trees fruits all sorts of growth, sunny surprise what a day we shout, and we took it all for granted, and the seeds, they don’t sprout like they used to, extra chemicals needed to keep them alive, big business is smiling, them dead seeds worked out all right.

why a child is born

When a child is born, it was out of love this miracle occurred, two hearts got together, a chemistry was created, of the loving kind, and when this love became intimate, a third person was born, you me the neighbor next door, everyone born on the planet, was a combination of love, well that was the goal, cause love is the only cause divine. Baby seeks nurture reassurance of the unconditional kind, grows in confidence and strength, picks up the habits of the parents, and the influence of those around. Along the way it did not always work out, as folks grew in different directions, the child got separated from it’s original berth, experiences came and went, heart was torn and hurt, child grew further confidence got weaker, when the pain became unbearable, substitution became a survival of a kind. It is why so many people hide addiction in, they rebelled and acted strange, picked up habits they escaped to, to avoid the conflict in their heart divine.  sadly, the yearning in the human heart, that every soul is born with, has to be filled, hopefully with unconditional love, not the i love you because your smart, or smiley, but because your my child, and this is How God Most High sees us all, we are children in our father’s eyes. Society that measures success along economic lines, does not encourage the love of child or mankind, and it’s why all will be changed, in order for us to become children again, dependent like new borns, see the changes. every time a child is born, the seed of love is created, it’s up to people to see that love flourish.

change the world

republicans, democrats, the disillusioned, even the cat, what if, it’s the question we ask, tragedy after tragedy, well this may solve all those questions you ask, and without having to spill any blood, it could change the outlook of the world, imagine that.

rather than give out complain spout off even rant, imagine a world, i’m referring to the good old U.S.A. in fact, but with the usual diatribe and response to come, when the next election comes round, why not set up a fund, one dollar a week, from all of you who live therein, to be used in the event of the right man or woman choosing to run in, in the next presidential election, assuming we get that far. we have a two party system, suits the current main parties, but imagine if this week, a bank account became available, whereby, Americans of all groupings could contribute to, in less than a year there would be enough to encourage a candidate, that represented the interests of all the people, not those on the left or the right. currently, money decides who gets elected, meritocracy doesn’t count anymore. i know the first thing out of your minds is fraud, who’ll get the cash, well how about trying to get one person, possibly a woman, to stand for the position. it would bring the lobbying industry to it’s knees, to have a totally independent person of integrity and zeal in charge, rather than the party person, whom one side or the other owns. in God we trust you say, well God Most High loves believers most of all, who act accordingly.

world war Z

goodness on the run evil follows keenly, mapping out the district, trying to making it look random, trying to fool everyone else. small boy lies crying his father is away, evil doing whatever it costs, to undermine all that is good, no matter what. God Most High looks  on from above, doesn’t like what he sees, time to get the job done, any wish he says pours his love out, hearts globally hear the call, stand and fight the blows trade, god decides enough is enough, will deal with them all later, time to put the evil running everywhere, amen.