Divorce is great

Love is not a restaurant menu, where you can pick and choose, the way so many do the way so many lie. To many it appears that way, and it’s easy to see why, divorce is so valued you’re not surprised neither am I. Apart from making the breakdown of marriage feasible, it’s like planning for a disaster, it inhibits people from digging deeper, in the hope of resolving the crisis within. Abortion is no different in many respects, mountains of justifiable reasons, but in affect your giving carte blanche to any sort of behavior knowing you have a solution in place, should things not go your way or if a new life is an inconvenient fact. If a new life can be cut from the earth legally, what’s left to save, if your God Most High is looking on, not a lot really when you think of it like that. When the imbalance is reached, anything can happen, it’s the pathway to addiction.


Divorce, best thing that happened for the development of society today since the sliced pan, when it doesn’t work out plan D. As they say it’s only business, one house becomes two, children require counseling, real estate prospers, more depression, more of everything bad happens, it’s why Christ Jesus railed against it, it’s bad for everyone, except business, not something people like to think about, why the pain to giving birth, sacrifice I suppose. Time to wake up and see the world around you with a new pair of eyes, something is happening worldwide, can’t say what.


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