end of days rubble everywhere, innocence lost hearts worn out, religious zealots celebrate, camera crews around, to watch the city torn down, a great victory they shout, while all the mothers weep, their children lying in a heap, while we all look on from afar. what’s going on, madness.

Afghanistan was so necessary, Vietnam Cambodia chile too, the list is endless but you get the picture, and awful lot of harm has been done, all in the name of democracy, the merry go round of death continues, reliable as a corporate jest in a hurry, perpetual and life changing

spying in now acceptable and global, incestuous in some places like Detroit that gambled itself, world stumbles and falls UN declares, nothing happens but it seems to be real, all the diplomats go home happy with zeal, job done something good at last, so the spin doctors spurt out loud

dumb or just naive perhaps both, world looks on believing everything they hear, just blood and guts on everyone’s sleeve, excuses aplenty to explain it with ease, we all seemed to have caught the Damascus disease, what was once so beautiful, is suddenly turned into a memorial, poor memory this Damascus disease..


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