Peace and the Nations

How do you describe peace, what sort of policies, do truly peaceful people pursue, what is it, that makes them peace people. Sound bytes are no indication of peace, unless accompanied with acts, that encourage people to seek peace. The world has a hiccup, tension in the world, the war talk is drummed up,voices are encouraged to say something, for many, a chance to impress the voters, we said this, this is our position, what did you reply to, and the chat goes over and back, with every commentator, adding his bit, trying to break down what is said by one side, in order to make more comment, on something they are in the dark about,and this over and back, the proverbial tennis game, until someone misses the ball, when a new game starts. We call this peace building. As Doctor Johnson would say, of 18th century fame, how wise it would be, if they had peace talks long before any crisis materialized.

To those who follow the news,how confusing it sounds. The only peace among the nations, is plain and simple; today, now, stop the war machine and use the current status, as the end of that line. When the means of destruction already exists, why waste valuable money and time, to rearm, with more destructive weaponry, it makes no sense. As for all the so called security organisations in existence, Nato included, is it not time to them, to aim all their attention, on preserving the planet, given the basic shortage of water, clean water, and the disappearing species. Time to draw the line, for mankind to do itself credit, while the chance still exists, amen.

Solomon sighed; there had been such expansion on the various means of our mutual destruction, while school children wished for a healthy world to exist in. For the sake of their children thought the prophet, but would they take the chance, amen. Imagine, all that secret technology, aimed at peace driven initiatives, amen. Well, since the times had shown such dramatic change in a few short years, was it not time to contemplate a peaceful world, before more changes happen, amen.


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