A Thousand Years

A thousand years to notice, love is all that matters everywhere, Imagesatellites all around the world, telling them what they already are aware of, as if they are up to something good, twenty four hour news that is worse than a Korean rant, same news same old views what’s going on, a new crisis usually settles the moment, pushes the thoughts in new direction leaves you continually short, but getting used to it is the name of the game, get used to it because it’s a con, emotional drip feed tangled with some human sorbet, whet’s the appetite for change even if it’s totally made up, spin doctors media manipulators and friends your day is over, the Lord God the Holy One is marking each and everyone, so next time you decide to betray with lies and half truths, realise it now it’s you who’ll be soon made up, fixed fastened tied and restrained till He’s ready to shut you up, amen.


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