wisdom in being



I retire to a lonely place,
To give myself a gift of solitude,
For its the time i see things as they are,
My life will not bear fruits,
Unless i learn the art of lying fallow,
The art of wasting time creatively.

Its when we are quiet, the mind is still,
Free from its insistent chatter,
When anxiety drops away,
That we can hear the blackbird break the silence,
With a melody we have never heard before.
It only happens when wasting time creatively.

Only in the oasis of silence,
Can we drink deeply,
From our inner cup of wisdom,
It takes to have self-discipline,
To pause each day in the oasis of silence,
Listening only to the sound of ouraelves.

Its in the saturation of calmness,
That we realise not all flowers signify love,
But roses do,
Not all trees can survive drought,
But cactus…

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