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writing excusesToday’s post is a quickie, but I hope one that you will find immediately useful.

I have written several times about how much I love the writing podcast Writing Excuses, but since the last time I talked about this excellent production at length was nearly a year ago, I figure it’s time for a friendly reminder. You may have missed that post (and all the subtler mentions that followed), and I’d hate to think you were therefore missing out on this fabulous resource.

First of all, for the uninitiated, a podcast is a digital audio show similar to traditional radio, but hosted online and distributed via web-based and mobile apps. I have often talked about my love of audio books (and the fact that listening to a book is not cheating.) Podcasts offer similar benefits in that they are portable and allow for multi-tasking. Though I’m all for…

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Little Trouble

Fours years old, troubled and wondering, eyes dart left and right, eyes on the door again, little heart beats he hears the feet, the tap on the door unfulfilled, goes to school tries to fit in, others have fathers why not him, he withdraws emotionally unable to share, every time his mother meets a man hopes soar, again and again he feels let down, begins to be independent doesn’t listen to anyone, his way of coping I suppose too young for medication, year rolls his hopes rise and fall, the father he yearns for where he wonders, men like mammy but it’s only for a night, they fill her with compliments he’s a source of discomfort each night, not that they worry about his welfare, it’s hard to do the mother when he’s there, he hears the passion the gasps and the shrieks, so this is growing up his respect for women complete, is soon worn out emotionally drained, you grab you steal your in charge, well it was the way he grew up, it’s the only example and it’s emotionally secure, no need for feelings or dreams, years later doing time in prison no one comes to visit him, and society wonders whatever happened to that sweet little man,  little problems,Image amen.

“If You feel hollow, let Me be the one, who fills You up with Love. Let Me free the butterflies within. Just open Your heart, and let Me in.” – Philip T. M.

start to love and watch the world around you shine


“If You feel hollow, let Me be the one, who fills You up with Love. Let Me free the butterflies within. Just open Your heart, and let Me in.” – Philip T. M.

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Push Me

Don’t you enjoy being pushed

Made to do things you don’t want

Told to obey all those stupid rules

Feeling foolish when you’ve been had

Don’t you enjoy being pushed


Not anymore never like this before

The Heaven man is back on earth

No more putting up with corruption

Too many got away with that

Don’t you enjoy being pushed


Child man woman and the old

Tired worn had enough I’m told

Well get your skates on folks

Changing times are all about

Don’t you enjoy being pushed about


Grey sitting told to eat medicate

Great feeling being told to do

After years working it’s too late

Smile it’s your day off wonderful

Don’t you enjoy being pushed about



Point The Finger

Point the blame


Nails, floggings, hangings, crucifixion, persecution and betrayal of neighbors, butchering of women and children, sounds like Bosnia, Nazi war effort, the guys with the white sheets KKK, sounds awful no, it’s much simpler that that, and it should be of great assistance to those who need an internal and spiritual awakening, these are some of the old habits of St.Paul before he became a man of God, and as a man of God, he was chosen, by God. His outlandish behaviour is well documented, and mentioned regularly, in bible scripture, Holy Scripture, and it’s something we ought to remember. God’s wisdom is not anything we can imagine, not in todays world. Here is a human Being, who does everything to halt the progress of God’s message. And despite all the hurt and death he caused, God Most High chooses him, forgives him, and fills him, with the Holy Spirit. If there is a lesson in this, it’s simply this. Not only did God allow us to crucify and torture his/ her son, but he also raised up another Son from among us, who had in fact been anti God, why would you in all wisdom imagine this being the case. It demonstrates to each and everyone of us, that God is merciful beyond comprehension, that he is forgiving beyond human abilities, and that as the Greatest Teacher of  all, that if one wishes to follow the master, one must not become greater than the master, as the Devil has tried to display here on earth along with the fallen angels, but one must try to imitate the Master as best we can, while leading our normal lives. In a nutshell, there is good in everyone, no cause is ever entirely lost, every situation even the impossible is no longer impossible, when you follow the ways of God. So don’t condemn, learn, don’t hate, love, don’t bare resentments, forgive, don’t boast but become humble, and ignore those who suggest otherwise, amen. Check the image in the sky, it’s real. it was taken on a perfect day, there are five more….

Beat the devil

Bitter hearted woman, cracked too often , nothing to loose, goes searching for love, hoping to destroy it too, makes friends along the way, the devil meets her in disguise, gives her everything she wants, takes the last of her heart too, dead inside but shiny otherwise, she deceives and pleases herself, tells herself she’s a man, blames everyone and everything, no feeling no empathy, she drags the world along, her path alluring but destructive, till she comes across a smile, can’t get rid it, it opens a scar that bleeds, she soon finds no peace at all, wants heart back cannot find, there was a man she gave it too, devil in distress thought he had it too, a global race without a trace, the searching goes on and on.

A small town boy has it stored safely, wrapped around the heart of God, for safety purposes only, one day she sees a rainbow, follows it to the ends of the earth, devil chases too hoping to divert her, reminds her of all her fears, but she believes and is strong, finally …her eyes comes across him, her life changes in an instant, heart is filled again with love divine, Devil falls to pieces, beaten by his own treachery, pure love conquers all, the words of God Most High, harmony on earth, love most Imagewelcome, amen.


thud, you did it, no you did, slap punch blood, your dead, run home, get a gun, call your buddies, drink some cans,

fill up on anger, develop vile hatred, yeah, take another can, get a knife, make sure it goes deep, ready, out on the

street, where is he, car slams by, the guys, friends you don’t like, call them over, their life violence, where is the bastard,

search search search, where is he, and hatred grows deeper by the second. until you meet him, we’ll never do that

again, in goes the knife, twist it, feel his guts rip, face goes pale, he falls and dies, happy now, you got your own back, another 

beer, what a blast…. when we dont forgive, we tend to harbour deep seated anger, which eventually shows….Image

did you slap me, oh, why did he do that for, you go home, forget it ever happened, happy ever after…beats living in

prison the rest of you life, amen.



The Refugee


Nothing exciting it’s morning, she wants to get up but doesn’t, she lies there imagining it, another life anywhere else, away from the world she’s in, she prays to God sometimes, is tired of asking and has accepted it, every day they see her on the street, she goes to the convenience store, buys her breakfast roll, she’s ignored and forgotten, homeless in the minds of all, what if she’s ill or depressed, we all have to live, she quickly gulps down the roll, a bottle of water helps, then she goes off to her spot, the place where she sits all day, till they come and pick her up, where she goes after no one wonders, out of sight out of our minds, the stuff the headline creators ignore, as it would only put us off shopping.

The car journey is a relief, it’s warm but crowded, the women do what they are told, what did you get they ask, she’s counted it out, kept a little for herself, the old man gestures with his hands, she passes over her earnings, along with control of her life, later she’ll be doing other things, things we’d rather not speak about. In every country in the western world, in every country in the world, women and children beg daily, many because of lack of education, many out of fear and a beating, many just to survive, stuff we tend to put away to the rear of our minds, being a refugee is not the easiest of worlds, in a world full of resources, it could just be a matter of greed, check out the cloud and imagine the One in charge of it all, wonder what marks he’d give us today.Image