Ten Years Old (TYO)

Just a kid doing the sums, they said I had a talent for numbers, so i am doing the math. Ever watch a ball game, how many assists did you have, how many throws, how far did you run, number of timeouts, nearly remind you of a diet calculator, yeah, but that’s life. Well, I am preparing a case for my attorney,  I have a case, not a suitcase, I mean a court case, and I plan to sue the foundations of the Internet, for all the stuff they exposed my to, since I was four years old. Well, if a man can sue a company for exposure to asbestos, why can’t a kid sue the internet guardians for exposure to all the risky stuff online, It’s just common sense. They say assaulting the senses is the most subtle of all forms of harm. So being a TYO, I am doing the math. How many times have I had to endure adult stuff?… he takes out his adding machine, it breaks down. he runs to the kitchen, Mam Ma, look at the numbers, millions of times.

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