Big bright eyes that melt you inside, open wide trusting unafraid and loving, the beauty born inside every new born, the joy and simplicity of seeing a little shine, those little pair of eyes that give you a look, am I doing it right is what he asks,

And you are supposed to pretend it doesn’t matter,  to be cynical like the rest, it’s the next stage that  upsets, the adult vices small children are supposed to accept, those little engaging eyes full of innocence and hope, curb their ambitions and deny them, but exposing them to pornography daily,che2 seriously offensive to God Most High, and that’s the bitter truth everyone will have to swallow, regardless of the Buddha or any other divine teacher, doing nothing about the problem is not really feasible, it’s just a matter of standing up. When God sends the Holy Spirit he is on your side of the equation, and he’s here. Amen, he’s in the Love, everywhere, it’s that simple.

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