Sativa Select: Hawaiian Snow

can this plant be anything but beautiful!


Hawaiian Snow is a cross of Hawaiian Haze, Pure Haze and Neville’s Haze.  This trifecta of Hazes produces a light and fresh taste and radiant highs

Looks: Dense Buds, the pistils (hairs) are light, dusty orange, and are covering the buds.  The buds are light green but appear yellowish green owing to the heavy trichome coverage.  Any leaf left on a poorly manicured bud adds a slightly darker green to the bud.

Smell: Strong hazy aroma which becomes harder to describe with any other word than “haze”  as I stick my nose in the jar.  For anyone without a haze reference, think lightly sweet with a rich musty or spicy note that could border on astringent.  The sweetness of the musky scent is not sickingly sweet.  The smell of the ground herb is a much stronger musky astringent with practically no hint of sweetness.  The astringent smell almost makes…

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Supporting One Another

new year words of encouragement your bank manager will never agree on!

From the Desk of MarDrag

As I continue on this challenging road, one thing that makes the most difference in my ability to deal with it, is the support I receive from my most amazing daughter and the people and friends around me. I could not do this without them. So…I dedicate my post today to those angels who cradle me and lift me up and care for me.

To be sure…there have been many difficult people to deal with through this. From the emergency room, to the hospital, doctors and nurses who have forgotten their compassionate gene and why they became who they are, to insurance and supply people who have no patience and do not really care about the patient. This is why I became a Patient Advocate and now sit on a committee at the hospital to help make good changes…which have come and are still coming. I tell you, it shocked…

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Man the machine, it chats all day, it’s my only friend, never breaks down, more reliable than a human, gets me up in the morning, helps me to see things, brings me all over the world, dam the machine, it’s changed the entire world, totally addicted now, maybe I’ll call the repair man she smiles?, well he wont have much to do about nothing….she laughs to herself on the phone, my thing has broken down, when are you coming over, she dolls up her hair, puts on a bit of face paint, and waits at the front door, the bell rings she opens the door, she pats him on the ass, he looks at her oddly, I’ll make a complaint he says, who’ll believe you she replies, men have got away with it for centuries, he’s quite and does what he’s told, turning the world upside down, easyBOBMARLEY_HD

Doping the Elderly

Just getting old slowing,

little confused from medication,

family recommend more,

doctors in full agreement,

drug manufacturers elated,

getting a little more doped,

little unbalanced unable to cope,

move to a strange environment,

more confusion medication flows,

excuses not good enough,

playing with old hearts,

God Most High watching it,

how they dope the populations,

the answer solution a timely one,

perhaps ambition is too strong,

the ego outmaneuvers wisdom,

appears to do so anyway,

but it’s entirely temporary,

the more self less love,

you only live once they say,

promise of heaven on earth dismissed,

exploit and thrive like the rest,

time for your medication dear,

old lady is afraid to object,

swallows the pills like the rest,

someone intervene she pleads,

her prayers are being heard,

angelic beings instructed to act,


if there is no solution,

the consequences severe,

promise of God Most High,

warnings sent in various guises,

reform change and we might last,


imagine at the end of your days, in a facility waiting to die,


Buried Emotions

One eye on the door,

the little one hopes more,

every day spirit is harmed,

the little guy eyes the door,

heart lifts is this the day,

heart sighs inside he cries,

only an empty promise,

just like them other,

heart hardens hopes fade,

prayer made gone unanswered,

angels being called in,

facing dismissal everyone of them,

the abyss their resting place,

will they wont they do something,

God Most High waits patiently,

little child has no such luxury,

demon minded rooted out,

screams and shouts go unheard,

then there is an opening,

a new voice is raised up,

and ye wonder why the Pope,

had to come from the ends of the earth,

picture of man in the sky real,


Spirit is removed replaced with ego,

what the demon hoped,

when it starts young,

nearly impossible to replace,

it becomes cynicism and apathy,

child comes under strange influence,

accepts and gets on with it,

another great love reduced to rubble,

as conscience is overcome with guilt,

starts to hide among addictions,

pretends it’s going to be fine,

buries emotions deep inside,

someone else will feel it as he gets old,

and they say there are no consequences,

live a good life, life is for ever,

is there going to be an answer,

IMG_5757 amen…..