the complicated child

image, the mirror, memories, the mind, love, the heart, global eccentricities worldwide, women for sale on the street, celebrityitis  king of diseases, children fed mind numbing imagery  , suspension of disbelief, you mean children don’t like pornography, stillness in the room, without sex we’d never exist, without love there is nothing to exist for, blame games continue, the avarice of many unaltered, we’ll set up a commission to investigate, tired headlines sweetened with disaster, while children grow up stunned, an uncertain future awaits them, don’t we seem to be failed celebrities, personally i blame the aliens, who else could manage it, the infiltration of the passages of hope, replacing love with pure desire, truth with convenience, who can we blame, point the finger over there, sounds like a parable of old, stone the prostitute they all said, we didn’t invite her, she actively encouraged us, whatever, the silence of so many, the sexualisation of everything, is that all your interested in, hard to explain that mistake to anyone, i bookmarked that site for you, accidental slip of the finger, something odd is going on, complications for the child, and noImage one is listening


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