There is the universe, there are continents, there are countries, and there is God Most High. Some folks are confused still, at some of the ancient teachings. Snake oil salesmen who sell gospel, need to read this, as God takes offence, at those who mislead His people.

Jesus wanted to put into the minds and hearts of all who listened to him, the need to put The Heavenly Father first, when it came to love, more important than family, sisters, brothers, you Have to put the God of Love first. Why is this so; Love does not exist in a person, it’s an action, it’s putting the Love of Him, who made it all possible first.

In our modern version of love, the possessor of another, can be overwhelmed when the relationship turns sour, and as stated, those scorned in love, can be very destructive. Putting God first, takes the strain from the person, and puts love into the category of action. In a nutshell, you can’t love God without loving what He created. And since God is love, and shows in many active ways, you can see how arguments or fall outs between believers, should be easy to solve. When you try to own what you can never possess but enjoy and encourage, the mindset changes, amen.


Is it only me!


try to explain despite all the pleas, the hurt that the world creates,

but on countless occasions after trauma’s and invasions, i sometimes

think it’s not worth it, is it only me

I’m simple you see no flash suits or glee, but i fear the pain when i see the

strain, in the child that hides that smile, obvious to all with a heart you see,

i wonder is it only me

fear and pain that society creates in hearts that were once young and free,

sends waves of horrors roaring out of the great seas, it makes me wonder this great

waste, is it only me

i forget for a while till the next tsunami arrives when it’s fresh again in the mind,

the world goes  into mourning worldwide then forgets when the disaster subsides,

perhaps it’s only me

so off i go to Tennessee till the next time i imagine till it starts over again,

when my hair goes grey my teeth yellow and and my heart begins to ache,

as i watch it happen all over again, is it only me!