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“80th story” First Published: Feb.28.2019 A high school teacher started her class with a story: “A couple went on a cruise to spend quality time together. The ship hit a seamount and instigated a big hole. Water was pouring into the ship uncontrollably. Everyone was rushing towards the lifeboats. When the couple got closer to […]

Judgement|قضاوت — A Voice from Iran

No Panic

What’s there to matter about, there is no where for you to go, no panic dear he says, his voice threatening. No panic, the numbers living in fear, they have learned to live with it, panic, it’s an everyday experience. No panic, where does all that violent thought come from, no panic, what is your DNA made up of, no panic, only your experiences and habits passed on, the sins of the father, no panic, they are just passed on, no panic, until God Almighty comes along, then it’s time to panic, amen.

Solomon looked at the cheap headlines, an effort to pour scorn and hurt on those who believed, did those doing the taunting not realize, the gravity of the harm they were trying to cause, while the signs from above continue to arrive. It brought back the parable of the log and the splinter to life, no panic..

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TUTORIAL: “Painting Pansies In Gouache” by Ayna Paisley — Doodlewash®

John F Kennedy and Henry Montgomery

It’s hardly true, what these two men have in common, 58 years ago, JFK was murdered in Dallas, Texas, 58 years ago, Henry Montgomery, was sentenced to life without parole, and on the anniversary of JFK’s murder, this connection is made. Learning to forgive, what does that mean for those who started illegal wars, and the countless millions who were lost, what does it mean, for those who start these wars, are they culpable.

Solomon smiled; eternity is a very long time, way longer than a mere 58 years, amen.

I can’t breathe

The child holds his mother’s hand, it’s hard to breathe the boy says, there is coughing, the sound of choking. Minutes earlier, they are in a group, being led down a stone stairs, into the underground showers, washing they said. The bodies begin to pile up, as hundreds reach for their last breathe, finally the silence. Observers look in through spy holes, no one moving, makes it easier for them. Wait, a small child is still breathing, holding on, the observer laughs, the poor dear, trying to draw it’s last breath. What if, the image of those being chemically murdered is more than just an exercise in human hatred and evil, but a pointer to a world, using chemical means to destroy itself. I can’t breathe, amen.

Solomon sighed; there are so many ways to interpret events. What does it mean, the child is anxious for an answer.

Fighting for Family

The soul, the family, what happens there, she wonders, has had dark times, her hopes in her children, and the recovery she hopes that will come along, he is addicted, and is causing immense harm to those around him, their children, one day she hopes, still fighting for family. How the addicted struggle. and the harm they cause, a blind spot, what is there to do, you can’t survive without. It isn’t so bad she thinks, then looks at the bruises on her arm, she promises to buy a long sleeve shirt, there is no need for the children to see this.

Solomon recalled a day long past, an addictive friend, and the words that came out of her mouth, not hers, but those of a demon. He didn’t understand fully the depths of the power of addiction, then years later, he encounters the very same demon again, the wordplay so familiar, they were not escaping this time, fighting for the family, he was about to give the phrase new meaning.

How those fighting addiction, have to put up with so many voices, contradicting and confusing, how the demons get a hold of someone, and refuses to let go, until faced with the promise of their own demise, the signs coming into the world, proof positive, God does it in His Own Good time, be patient. As for the taunts of demons, don’t worry, they have noticed the signs too, amen.

Crimes Against God….

where to start, how would you choose, the lives we live, that we chose to ignore,that faith so many claim, those that wait, where does it start, the effort to harm the inner spirit,where does it stop, crimes against God. the endless question, the burden on the heart as the time approaches, is there something else waiting, the wonder, well,you heard of God all your life, and the times are indicative, of change over head,even the scientists agree on this. The anxiety poured into the world, the false guru’s, idol worship, there is so much, too much at times, what we call,crimes against God.

Double the Dose

A bad experience, men or women, teacher or authority figure, going to have a chip on my shoulder, it will never happen again; a life spent in misery, amen. One swallow doesn’t make summer, we have all heard this, and one bad person does not represent a country, we have learned this too, so why do so many, allow one person, or one member of a body, turn them away. The press went to town on all those with reputation who fell, and gloated over the tempting news, repeated it, repeats it constantly, twisting the sword, knowing full well, there will be a cue of voices, waiting to have their say, while the fuel of hurt burns. Does anyone want to be reminded of their wrongs, does a society want to be reminded of its wrongs, does anyone need reminding of their faults, knowing that the truth of the Gospels and the Holy Books, have been made real. Our faults, lets keep cleaning up the act, amen. Why?

The King returns home, show me he says, well, what did you do with your time, show me. Imagine the looks on the faces of the subjects; we weren’t expecting you so soon some say, while the King replies, I expect you to be doing your duty, regardless.

The errant priest, loses his flock, acquires habits no one can digest. A sneaky journalist spies a scoop, an award for a breakthrough story. He does a charlie on it, encourages others to write even worse, a fire starts. One black sheep does not make a family, as Jesus would say, be careful with what comes out of your mouth, for you will be judged on every word uttered, amen, kind thoughts, encourage when you can, amen.

Spirit Rest

Mental work is the hardest of all, requires concentration, ask any student preparing for an exam, trying to focus. If your artistic, its a little easier, thoughts become you work, no day a write off, the ups and downs, all part of the routine.

In praise of Spiritual women, those who try to hold on to the beliefs they have. What is turbulence to them; the over emphasis on the lower spirit, a power that drives so many. The identity of the body, as a parts brigade, rather than as a whole, the man wars started, to satisfy the greed of a few, no thought for the victims, just more pain in the offing. Do those who start wars ever think of the innocent victims, or the lasting legacy they leave behind. Call it baggage, but does it not feel a heavy load, years later, when the reality of divine existence is made real.

How does the Spirit find rest, where is it unchallenged, where can you store your feelings, safe from interference. Can the Spirit from on High, find safety in your habits, amen, the question that needs an answer.


The alarm clock, the turn in the bed, that hour already, the mind gets ready, the body next, it’s Monday. Is there milk, the last thing you want, sour cream for the cornflakes, as if life is so easy, no anxieties. Meanwhile in another part of town, the tyrant reads the news, have they reacted as he hoped. The more misery he can direct, the greater the chance of a reaction. In the square in front of the office, the boots make thundering sounds, as hundred of men go through their preparations, they know the boss likes that sound, so intimidating. An old lady watches the screen, can’t believe it, young men mimicking the Nazi force of old, had they ever been there, she is Jewish.

Solomon sighed; there are those trying to rip what remains of the heart out of civilization, encouraged by the clever arguments of nationalism, they them those those others, foreigners, unfit, the list is endless, the aim of the extremists, do as much emotional damage, they’ll eventually react, then they’ll be on our terms, and we will win.

If they ever listened to Jesus, if ever. How those who claim to be of God, can be part of such madness. It was never going to be easy, but the advice from the top, is clear cut. Don’t react, and if hurt, think of those who hurt too, the last thing you need is to do as they do. With the signs pointing to the skies above, of Heavenly intervention, let the haters worry, for the God of all eternity, won’t be patient with them for ever. As they add to the hurt, they only hasten their own demise, persist to the end.