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Mili Das (India)     Mili Das is a bilingual poet and writer from Kolkata, India. She is the inspiration of her own life.She is a poet by passion. Besides she loves to write short stories,cinema script, drama,novels and articles about child meditation and any subject.She also loves to recite her own poetry. She […]


Predator Eyes

Frightening, where do the young get that look. Is it the glum memory of anorexic models and their look of utter disdain as they do the walk. Does it make you feel good or strong. or is it a symptom, of the life they ingest. Solomon was and is an observer. Eyes, the small child, those baby eyes, the wonder. Where does that look come from. Is it all that harsh publicity, that they have been hearing about, makes you wonder though.


Our moment, lets tare down those images those people of yesteryear, they only remind us of our suffering. global reminders of injustices past, and those who feel most hurt by the reminders, lose another opportunity to remind the global community of what happened to them. You can’t ban history; dictators have been good at denying the truth, but for those who want to burn down the memories, what are they saying. Do they not realize, that the very thing they wish to be known, their actions abolish, amen.

Treasure Box

In these confused times, there are many taking advantage of the hurt suffered in the past. At least those statues stood as reminders,of where we don’t want to revisit again.

Church Leaders Worry…

Where have all the vocations gone, was it something we did, are we guilty of pointing towards others while burying our faults. Grey hairs, too many of them, have they strayed from the wisdom of Jesus, have they catered for the needs of the Spirit?….

Have they preached too much doom, when Jesus did not preach doom, but freedom, freedom from the traps this world sets for so many.

Solomon had the words in him. The Spirit from above does not discriminate, it seeks rest. Has there been a failure to preach the doctrine of Unity of Spirit, what do you think. In olden times Jesus encouraged all, to ask questions. He could read minds, knew the thinking, the uncertainty. One thing that cannot be contradicted. It wasn’t about gathering a huge number of followers in your group, that’s number crunching, we have more than you. Since the world claims to have more than a billion or three believers, what does the state of the world mean in that context; numbers can be very misleading, amen.

I missed you too much, going to the headache clinic. — Picnic with Ants

Okay, so I couldn’t stay away. I don’t know how much I will be posting, but I hope you will bare with me when I’m silent for long stretches. Such is the live with chronic illnesses and pain. If you’d like to know more about what’s been going on with me here’s where I’ve been, […]

I missed you too much, going to the headache clinic. — Picnic with Ants

Gambling Store Fever

The staff, the warnings, the tips, the phone ring tone, the movie, the trap, and the schemes. It’s a set up. How the real stuff has chastened the mighty. The fix it types have no control over the higher power, none at all, it’s just staged to appear as if they do. The Spirit wonders, there is news that is universal, and ought to be known. The huge numbers of signs, that point to old scripture. The fall off in those offering their services to God, the grey haired men who seem lost, what are we going to do. What will our judgement be, amen.

The cloud arrives eight years ago, the request made in utter seriousness. The thought being; they are so addicted to the material we need the assistance of old, signs and more. In that eight year period more signs have appeared than in the previous fifty years. Why so many signs in a short time space; God is a fair judge, and wants all to be made aware, His Children most importantly, of the future changes. And Godly change is here and now; it has never left us. Today there are more eyes looking for the signs, same as those early grail seekers of olden times. They don’t have to look anymore. Are they prepared though. Can your heart hold the hearts of others inside you, is it safe inside you, or do you need a clean up.

women Jesus and today….

Did Jesus put women into a subcategory, lesser than men, hardly. Why is it important today; well the signs tell us, something new is happening overhead. In some places,there is a dearth of Spirit, and this lacking, is forcing many to focus on the material. Your dying, the doctor has given you a warning, make preparations for the future, get you life in order. Usually good advice,but in times of divine changes, is there some new preparations needed, in order to welcome the Spirit from above into your life. Those old arguments about the existence of God have been solved; there is too much proof, too many signs, even the small children are aware of this. So what does this mean to those men who argue, that women play lesser roles in life; We don’t live in ancient times, we live in modern times. How would Jesus view our attitudes towards women and girls, would there be advice worth listening to, amen.

The link that connects all the major religions is the life of Jesus. It’s not a question of stating, that our Jesus lives in the ritual, this is how we do it, or that Jesus is present in this or that, that is confusion. Jesus stated simply; God is Spirit, and that is the Spirit space you have to provide, inside you. Since God can’t live in hate, or immoral hearts, it puts the emphasis, on us, to prepare that space ourselves; can that sort of love survive and thrive inside you?.

To conclude, a new earth and a new heaven, is the outcome, following the great return. How many places or hearts can host that Spirit from above. If women are treated as lesser people, what does that say to God’s Spirit, welcome or unwelcome, the choice is yours. Solomon sighed; hopes are high, there is a bar room fever in many hearts, this is going to happen they say, the signs, the arrivals of Heavenly angels, those from above that is, not those who gladly fool anyone; It’s the moment they don’t want to contemplate; maybe that is why we read so little of this in the media; who are they afraid of you wonder, amen.


a lot to deal with, sometimes, this life, the experiences some have to go through, just to get things right. We talk of heavy loads, experiences too hard to mention, the keys to our lives, so well hidden sometimes, not unlike the schemes of the evil ones, who hide their ways, but there is no triumph in what they do, they just add harm. But those who overcome, escape the hatred sown into them, find out, that the experiences they went through, often turn out to be lessons, that are passed on, medicine for others, well this is how i coped with it, amen.

Boutique babies, they consult the expert in the field, he explains the service, what they can check for, diseases he can head off, even the sex of the child can be helped. They think he is God, to them, the parents, he is. For a price of course. While many just want to conceive, others want the small details looked after, well, we have the money, and odds should be in our favor.

We are all too familiar with the waves of human on the move. Some call it migration,others call it seeking refuge, whatever it’s called, there are huge numbers of people struggling to stay alive, in a world, that is under scrutiny, from afar, amen. You’d imagine the human race, with this knowledge of God Most High, would be doing flip flops to address this situation, and the core issues behind them; 95% greed. Love your neighbors Jesus tells the listeners, love your neighbor, not just your friends, there are blessings to be had.

Don’t say anything against the Holy Spirit, there is no rescue for it,it’s written. Why you ask, why were those words spoken. God is Spirit, might be an indicator. For the time we spend on the planet, we pass out influence, our impact on the world. Some of us are light, some of us are dread, in how others see us. In a nutshell,the harvest, is the yield of the Spirit, that influence your actions had, how do they match up. Turning tragedy into triumph isn’t that difficult. Didn’t Jesus do it first all those years ago. Look at him, his God could not save him some said, they mocked him, laughed at his followers, then the triumph shortly afterwards, amen.

To conclude; when you examine the plight of the refugee or migrant, you can well understand, why Jesus uttered a sharp reminder to all in power, not to abuse it; the story of the refugee explains the end result. Those in authority will be judged harshly, given the responsibility they chose, so don’t abuse it Jesus tells us. Today, there are many on the road to hope, some trekking the sea, jungles, dangerous countries, others hoping to find peace. Afghanistan for instance; there are those who are hard line believers according to their faith, but their faith also recognizes Jesus. With the signs appearing from above, it’s important to remind everyone; compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, non violence, were and are some of Jesus’s character traits, perhaps we should all practice them all. Imagine the opportunity to show the world compassion and then to lose it, what a disaster, amen.

The Father Struggles

A trek through the jungle, not an expedition or extreme sport, the difficulties people put in their way, calling it sport, while others struggle to escape real life tyranny, that is no extreme sport, but a daily reality. The ooh’s and aah’s, exactly, their choice, but reality is somewhat different. The image of the party of migrants, trekking through wild jungle, children on the back’s of their father’s, if they are lucky, all of them praying; just get us to a safe destination, nothing more. Please.

The expression on the faces, the strain in children’s eyes, the painful reminder, of how life really is, for many on the planet, while the few stash as much off shore, is hard to stomach. The images of the jungle,dense, untapped, families seeking a way across the border, risking it all, could there be another way of interpreting the dire images.

The father’s struggle could be many things. Trying to make up for time not being there, failure to curb a habit, failure to encourage enough, failure to spot the potential others saw, failure to believe in them all. The Father’s struggle, the struggle through the problems of life, are mirrored in the struggle of the father, who is trying to bring his children to freedom, it’s the struggle of those of the Spirit, trying to survive in a material driven world, an awesome struggle it seems, as desperate as the father, carrying his son through the merciless jungle, to safety.

Holding onto the Spirit, requires vigilance. But Jesus tells us; struggle to the end, it will be worth it. Solomon sighed, he had seen the Spirit, the clouds, halo’s, and more. Have no doubts, hasn’t the last five years been five years of epic change, amen.

noble lady

Her love has left her, not that she does not love. She gave her love a long time ago. She will not accept less. Her head held high, she is not as trim as she used to be, but that is fine. How she carries herself, her ways, how she deals with others, she is calm and sure, this noble lady.

Her friends, wonder. This is not happening. What has she done with her life; they wonder. Sacrifice was never their way. They refuse to understand. Like the widow who gave the two bits all those years ago, she is remembered, unlike those who chose comfort instead. Lucky woman, our noble lady is, amen.

Solomon sighed. He was on a visit with an old friend. He encounters an ageing woman, full of the steel of life. There is a twinkle in her eye. How did she remain single he wonders. he steals a glance at his older friend. So this is why you brought me here; to understand.

Jesus said it was not going to be easy. It will be tough at times, you will be oppressed too. Solomon smiled; those words are so true. How the eternal God loves eternal love, why not, if eternity is the end destination. Solomon watches her move. She is graceful and polite. She moves like a premium race horse, has style. The noble lady will live long in his memory, unlike others he will soon forget. Lucky the woman Jesus spoke about, when she put her two bits into the coffers, amen.